Amy Weekend!!!!

“Be glad of life, because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play
and to look up at the stars.” –   —

I’m going to start today by simply saying:  Thank you Edward for a perfect weekend and making all my dreams come true, today and always.  I love all of the time that we spend together.  I love us.    ♥♥♥I love you!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

I snuck out of work a little early on Friday so that we could get to Utopia before dark.  Utopia ia about 225 miles away and the deer are really on the move this time of year and Edward didn’t want to be driving those windey back rounds after the sun went down.  We managed to get going a little before 2 which was perfect timing!  We pulled up at the cabin in Utopia shortly before 6 pm.    Just in time to get everything unloaded and relaxed for the sunset.

 The cabin is cozy, quiet and perfect for a romantic weekend.   Plus it has all the modern conveniences like a flat screen tv, indoor plumbing and a fully equipped kitchen.  As much as we enjoy camping we also enjoy the modern comforts. 

After everything was unpacked we cracked open a couple of bottles of yummy wine and got ready to watch the Rangers/Cardinals game.  Not a relaxing evening…  Friday was a South Wind wine night.  strawberry and Muscat Canelli.  Both are rich wines and full flavored.

 We gave up on the game around the 6th inning and watched a movie before bed.  It was great sleeping on Friday night……comfy bed and cold temperatures made for perfect sleeping temperatures.   We snuggled all night long while it got down to the mid-30’s.

Edward woke me up bright and early Saturday to tell me that there were deer outside.  And there were lots of them. 

And on the other side of the house there was fog in the hills that looked so pretty!

After breakfast we went out to view the country side.  We started at Lost Maples State Park……..this is a small park with maple trees and lots of hiking.  They were packed when we arrived…..apparently lots of other people decided that it was the perfect weekend for hiking.


We did a little bit of hiking enjoying the lovely morning.  Hopefully next year we can hike more but for now it was a nice day to walk down the trail hand in hand.  The temperatures were in the  mid-60’s and the skies bright, bright blue.

After we finished in Lost Maples we went to Leakey.  The drive there is hilly, curvey and was filled with motorcycles.  It was a pretty drive.

In Leakey we went to an antique store and had a late lunch before driving to Garner State Park.

The water in Garner was beautiful again.  A couple of months ago it was murky and not very pretty……now that there aren’t people churning up the silt it was again the gorgeous blue-green color that is so pretty.

We stopped at the store and chatted with Brent the owner for a while about all the crazy things he hears at Garner.  Like the number of people who ask how long it will take them to float the whole way around the river. (Like it’s a ride at a water park going in a circle!)   When he heard that we were staying in Utopia he told us that they were having their halloween parade later in the afternoon in case we wanted to attend.

We had just enough time to drive back to the cabin, make a cocktail and park on main street for the parade.  As we waited for the parade to start it was so neat to watch everyone saying hello and talking to each other.  Edward said he could be happy living someplace like that where everyone knows your name.  I think I could too.  (Although it would have it’s down side too)  I could just fall in love with a tiny town who has a parade where all the children march with their classes in costumes while the adults look on.  They even throw candy!!!

All the kids were so cute and it was really impressive that even the high school classes were there.  Ed said we should start driving at the back of the parade and I could be ‘Miss Utopia”!!!! The parade finished and we went back to the cabin.  The cabin next door a rental cabin but the sisters who own it were there working this weekend.  Their dog ‘Rudy’ came over to say hi when we arrived and they invited us over to see the projects they were working on.  (Ed told his sister we met the neighbors, and the dog and the cat and got invited to the parade and she said “LMAO why don’t you people just stay inside and watch TV!”)  Finally we had time for a late afternoon snuggle festival before it was time to watch the sunset.

Saturday night was a Lavaca Bluff’s wine night to go along with our spaghetti dinner and candlelight (Lol thats a story for another day…

Honestly, Saturday was one of those rare perfect days.  There wasn’t anything I would have changed about it.  Everything was wonderful from the perfect company to the perfect weather.    I was totally content and satisfied!

 Sunday morning we had deer and a squirrel join us for breakfast!  Lol!  We had a leasurely breakfast and then cleaned everything up and got ready for the drive home.

While we were driving up we spotted some of these plants (tree, shrub, bush, weed….no idea what it is) along the side of the road in one area. They are so pretty .  We have no idea what kind of plant it is.

After a stop in Hondo for a late lunch it was time for the final push home.  We pulled into the drive way and Rascal was waiting on the front step very, very put out that we had left him outside.  He meowed and complained until we got the door open.

Once we got home Mrs Kravitz came running over to tell us we were in trouble. “Apparently” we hadn’t cleared out plans with her…….ummmmmm ok…….I wasn’t aware that we needed to keep her up to date on where we were or what we were doing.  I hate to break it to her but I have no intention of clearing our calender with her.

So, we had a wonderful wonderful wonderfulAmy weekend.   Liz has said we have a standing invitation to use the cabin whenever we want too so hopefully we can do it again sometime fairly soon.  In the meantime these memories will help hold us through the next couple of months!

I hope you had a great weekend……Happy Monday.

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