Happy Friday Eve

“Summer is already
better, but the best is autumn.
It is mature, reasonable and serious, it glows
moderately and not frivolously … It cools down,
clears up, makes you reasonable …”
– Valentin

Last night I came home from work and did something really amazing.

I took a hot shower!

I haven’t taken a hot shower in probably six months…………lots of cool, tepid and some days COLD showers but I haven’t had an urge at all to take so much as  a warm shower much less a hot shower.  But last night I came home from work and my feet were cold and my hands were cold and a hot shower sounded fantastic.  And it wasssssssssss.  I stood there for a long time enjoying the warmth and relaxing after a long, long day in the middle of a long, long week.  (As a side note I seriously was convinced at least half the day that today would be Friday and I was really bummed when I found out that it would only be Thursday……..sigh)

After my nice warm shower I whipped up a batch of broccoli cheese soup for dinner and a fresh loaf of a crusty bread. Mmmmmmmmmmm aong with a salad…….it was a great end to a coolish fall day. 

The weather over night was brisk and perfect for snuggling.  I do love snuggling in bed with my honey.  I wish we could stay home and enjoy the weather but we can’t……… 😦

Oh well, have a great Thursday!

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