Muggy Monday

I hate waking up when it’s still pitch black outside.  It always seems especially icky on a Monday morning.  And when you had a weekend that was more work than fun it’s even less fun.  It’s going to be a quick (and probably completely uninspired) blog this morning…….I’m running a couple of minutes late.

Friday evening Edward was running the clock at the Flour Bluff/Calallen football game.  It was one of the rare nights where the weather was perfect and the moon rise over the field was beautiful.  I watched the game from the timekeepers booth and it was a fun.  The game did seem to drag on forever and by the time we got out it was 11 pm.

We were starved and after a quick stop for dinner at Floyds we finally got home a little after midnight.

Saturday evening Edward’s family got together at his dad’s house to celebrate his birthday.  My assigned food item was chips and dip so I made a batch of cheese dip.   There was lots of tasty bbq and side dishes.

I got to play with Guili a lot.  I’m so happy that she remembers who we are now and doesn’t cry like she did a couple of months ago.   Vanessa said that she is already trying to walk.  She fell sound asleep on my lap and was down for the count.  I was amazed that she stayed asleep because it was soooo noisy in there.

Sunday somehow turned into a mission for me to use every appliance in my house.  I put a turkey breast in the smoker, beans in the crockpot, rice on the stove and pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting in the oven.

That was a lot of cooking and I was worn out by the time I finished.

In between I cleaned up and did laundry.  Exciting weekend…

Oh, and Little Edward had another baseball tournament and the SandCrabs were again victorious!

It’s going to be another busy week….sigh.  (Time for my Mid-October meltdown right on schedule)  I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight……PF Chang’s Mmmmmmmm and Mojitos!!!!!!  There is a cool front coming through this week and I’m pretty excited about that. Maybe it will feel almost chilly on Wednesday morning.

Have a great Monday!

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