What A Lovely Day For A Friday

Happy Friday!

Yesterday morning I left the house unaware that there was a huge storm heading our way.  Seriously, the weatherpeople  hadn’t mentioned it on the weather!  They said there were storms up north but we shouldn’t see anything here. Boy were they wrong!

When I walked outside I noticed it was very dark to the north and as I started to drive it began to mist and then mist harder and then the heavens opened up and it POURED.  It was the worst storm I have driven in a long, long time complete with horrible lightning, driving sheets of rain and roads that were quickly flooding.  I was not happy. It was a nerve-wracking drive!

Edward said we got 1.3″ of rain at our house.  He also said that there was a big loud clap of thunder and MommaCat came running to him and climbed right into his lap where she stayed for the rest of the rain.  Yay for the rain but Boo for the drive to work yesterday.

Thankfully it passed and the sun came out to a lovely day just in time for Edward and I to go to lunch at Luguna Reef, one of our favorite restaurants.  Since it was such a pretty day we could even sit out on the patio and look at the water…….*Bliss*

Yesterday’s storms brought in a cool front and it is so gorgeous outside this morning.  Cool and “crisp” (I mean for us anyway) with no humidity.  It is fantastic.  I’m so glad that it will be nice over the weekend.

So whats on the agenda for the weekend………Edward is going to Alice to bring Vanessa and the girls back to Corpus this afternoon.  There is football tonight (Calallen/Flour Bluff) and then Edward’s Dad’s birthday get together tomorrow afternoon.  We plan to do something later Saturday night but we haven’t decided what yet.  Maybe a movie and/or Politics for drinks.  Wrapping up the weekend I’m smoking a turkey breast on Sunday.  It’s going to be a busy weekend!

Have a great weekend!  🙂

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