Thank God It’s Almost Friday!

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.  It’s been a busy week all the way around and while I’m home for lunch I decided to write a quick little blog.  It hasn’t seemed like Edward and I have had a moment to spare.  Sigh…….I’m really ready for a dull boring week with nothing to do.  I managed to get the Halloween decorations inside the house but they are still in the box.  Maybe this weekend I can get them put up.

If nothing else the weather has been nice although it is warmer and more humid than it was.  It’s still very pleasant outside.  I’ve gotten to spend quite a bit of time along the bayfront and I love looking at the water and the clouds!  I took the picture of the hibiscus above outside one of the office buildings in town, I thought it was so pretty!

I got a phone call from Edward one day this week reporting that a baby hummingbird had gotten into the garage and couldn’t manage to find his way out.  He was all covered in cobwebs and dust from flying around the ceiling.  Apparently he was lured in by the red emergency release on the garage door opener.  Lucky for the little bird Edward was home and finally managed to catch him in the pool net and release him outside.  He said the bird flew a little ways and just sat on the ground for a few minutes because he was so tired but eventually he caught his breath and flew off.  Another life saved!!!!

Well, I better get back to work……..we are going out with some friends tonight so the sooner I get working the sooner I will be done.  Have a great Thursday!






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