October’s Bright Blue Weather

“O suns and skies and
clouds of June
And flowers of June
Ye cannot rival for one
October’s bright blue weather.

Boy oh boy did we have a great weekend and it seemed to fly past in the blink of an eye.  We had virtually perfect October weather after our cool front last week.  The aweful humidity was gone and in its place were bright blue skies and almost perfect temperatures.  The weather that makes a person happy is back!

This morning it is actually chilly. …….it’s warming up fast but it was still neat to walk outside this morning.  Maybe fall will show up eventually.

Edward finally made it back from Austin on Friday afternoon and we had a quiet evening at home that night.  A couple of bottles of wine, some cheese and crackers and an early bedtime helped both of us!

Saturday morning shortly after Edward left for football I got a text from Vanessa telling me that Lillyanna had a soccer game at 11:30 in Alice.  With less that two hours to game time I took a quick shower, went to the football field to swap vehicles with Edward and drove to Alice……getting there shortly after the game started.

Lilly’s team is called the ‘Smurfs”.  There are three girls and 4 boys on her team and not a single one of them has the slightest clue what they are doing.  It was hysterical.  After a few minutes one of the girls started to cry and that started a chain reaction cryfest……..Lilly included.  Then she refused to go back out on the field.  The only thing she wanted to do was sit on Grandma Mary’s lap because Grandma Mary was appropriately sympathetic to her plight.  I’m not sure what her plight was since she has played sports before but she made sure to milk it for all it was worth.  For my part I stood in the shade and held Guilianna.

Finally the game mercifully ended and the crying Lilly who wouldn’t even look at me transformed in the blink of an eye when handed her snacks.

Suddenly our ‘normal’ Lilly was back….happy, jovial and asking to come home with me. Lol.  Vanessa and David’s parents invited me to join them for lunch at a Mexican restaurant after the game.  Guilianna remembered me this time and was in such a happy mood.  She sat at the end of the table and flirted with me…..batting her eyes, smiling and giving me ‘come hither’ looks until Vanessa handed her to me so we could play.  She was very interested in the refried beans and rice on my plate but she didn’t like the guacamole…….lol.  Lilly asked about 50 times if she could come home with me and was a little happier when she found out that they were going to ride back to Corpus with me.

We went to their house so they could pack and I played with Guilianna some more.  I saw her crawling and watched her pull herself up to stand.  She thinks she is soooooo clever…..lol!  She laughed and giggled with me all afternoon and Lilly told me all about how school was going.

When it was time for the drive to Corpus I don’t think we drove two blocks before Lilly was dead asleep and Guilianna was asleep shortly thereafter.  I finally got everyone back to town and dropped off and barely beat Edward home from football.

It was a really awesome day but I didn’t get any of my weekly chores done.  The Halloween stuff is still in totes and the dust is still on the end tables…..but it was worth it.  I had a lot of fun and the truth is that when I’m invited to do something with the kids and grandkids I will always try to go.  Sometimes I am still amazed at how far we have come.

In the evening we drove to Refugio to South Wind Winery for their monthly music night.  We shared a table with a couple from Corpus and had a nice evening getting to know some new people.  There were lots of yummy wines……this month we tried a delicious strawberry wine.  It smelled like strawberry jelly and had a fresh strawberry flavor.  We bought a bottle to bring home along with some new wine glasses.  I also had a peach wine that was delightful.  Good music, good wine and good conversation makes for a wonderful Saturday evening.

Sunday morning we packed up the truck and headed out for what is most likely our last official beach day of 2011.  I know for many people up north the beach season ended a month ago and they are already pulling out their sweaters.  But here we are blessed to still have hot sunny days.

The weather was perfect.  88 degrees, light winds and a few clouds over head.  We were joined by some friends….one new couple recently relocated to Corpus from New Jersey and they are just in awe of how lovely the beach is.  In New Jersey you have to pay to walk on the beach, there is no drinking or smoking allowed…….I can’t imagine!  They are rapidly falling in love with our community and have promised to have us over for ‘real’ Italian cooking sometime soon………I can’t wait!Unfortunately for me since it was nice and pleasant I kind of forgot to put on sunscreen for a while.  As a result I am the proud owner for a sunburn.  YAY ME!  My chest and arms and very red.  My legs are pink.  Even my lips are stingy.  But I’m not alone…..Edward has a pretty red nose too.

It was a nice day.  We are blessed to live in South Texas and have the ability to go to the water anytime we want.  It can be easy to forget that from time to time.

On the way home we stopped at Barnicle Bills which is a restaurant on Bob Hall Pier and had dinner.  They have a new open air pavilion with a nice view of the water. They even have big screen televisions if you want to watch a little football.   It was a nice place and since we were hungry it tasted really good!!!.

Being out in the sun all day really wears us out so after unpacking we settled in to watch a PBS documentary on Prohibition (the first half was very interesting) and get ourselves mentally prepared for the new week.  I really wish we had a few more days off though.  😦

I’m all smiles today.  It was a pretty rewarding weekend!

Have a good Monday!

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