Basking In The September Sun

Happily we bask in this warm September sun,

Which illuminates all creatures…
Henry David Thoreau



What day is it again?  Ummm…….oh yeah, Wednesday.  I had myself convinced half the morning that it was Thursday and you can imagine my disappointment when I figured out that it was, in fact, only Wednesday.

The weather is hot, much more akin to mid-August than almost October.  In fact, we have set record highs (most in the triple digits) the last three days in a row.  Not the kind of weather fall typically brings. So over the less than four weeks since we returned from vacation I have spent a week in Austin and now it is Edward’s turn.  He is at some nice resort for a sales conference.  He says it is a very nice place but that he misses me so much it is almost impossible to sleep.

Ok, I may have made up that last part.  What he really said was without my snoring (whish is totally because of allergies I swear) he slept like a baby.  But he does miss me.

So I am left to my own devices this week……..hehehehehehehehehe!

Last night my devices decided to come home from a tiring work day, take a shower, eat dinner and climb into bed to watch television where I fell asleep early.  I’m such a party animal!  Come to think of it that is what I did for the week I was in Austin too.

Oh well……….the week will pass, my honey come home and we can snuggle all weekend!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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