A Beyonce Of Our Own!!!!



Before I start on this you will probably need a little background…….in case you somehow missed this blog (and honestly I can’t imagine that I didn’t email it to you already but I guess it’s possible I missed someone out there) you need to read it.   But you should use the bathroom and sit down before reading it.


Anyway……I almost died laughing when I read this blog.  Heck, I still do…………….I love it.  I read most of it aloud to Edward when it was first released and I was laughing like a  heyena but he didn’t seem to find it as funny as I did.  I even emailed it to him so he could learn from Victor’s mistakes.  Plus it was right before our 6th anniversary and while I hinted all over the place he did not get me a big metal chicken.  😦

So, anyway last Monday when we were camping in Garner State Park we took a drive to Leaky to get ice.  As we were driving down main street suddenly Edward slammed on  his brakes in the middle of the road and yelled…..”.LOOK at that GIANT Beyonce!!!!  Get out….we have to take a picture!!!!!”

And a little ways down the street there was another one and another one and another one!  Edward pointed out every single Beyonce he could find!  It was like the whole town reads the Bloggess and made sure that they are were showing their giant metal chicken love.

Then we found a whole gaggle of Beyonce’s that were for sale and Edward insisted that we needed to buy one and do it right that minute.  They had little Beyonces, medium Beyonces and Giant Ass Beyonces.  They had all colors of the rainbow.  It was soooo hard to decide which one we wanted to take home.  We studied all the Beyonce’s and before you knew it there she was…..in the back seat of the truck and on her way to the campground.

(Is it any wonder how much I adore this man??  I mean really………….he sooooo gets me)

So we got to work making sure that Beyonce had an awesome vacation!

Checking out the campsite


Chillaxin with a beer. (Beyonce is a bit of a lush)

Swimming in the Frio!

Whipping up some dinner. Is it creepy that she was grilling chicken kabobs?

Taking the kayak out for a spin

Beyonce was a wonderful addition to our vacation and is happily planted on our front porch where she can greet visitors in her own ‘special’ way.  Knock, knock Motherfucker is right!






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One thought on “A Beyonce Of Our Own!!!!

  1. Kicky

    OMG, OMG.. Can Beyonce sleep in my bed the next time I visit?

    Or wait… no.. she is a little boney for comfort.

    Glad you had a great time!!!

    Oh, um skunks? Seriously? And they didn’t spray you?

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