I Love Rainy Days

Ooohh I hear laughter in the rain
Walking hand in hand with the one I
Ooohh how I love the rainy days
And the happy way I feel inside

I don’t know what happened yesterday but we saw actual real live RAIN yesterday afternoon.   I was working on a project at work and my boss stood up to pull something off the printer and said……”Its black out there!  Come on everybody let’s go see the rain!!!!”  We ran downstairs and gathered outside the doors along with lots and lots of other people in the building.

It reminded me of how people act on the first day of snow in the north.  It’s soooooo exciting!  This is the first precipitation we have had since June 21st and that was a very long time ago!  I swear you could feel the ground breath a sign of relief once the rain really started.

At first there was wind and so much dust that it stung the eyes but eventually the rain started and it felt so nice!  Everyone was giddy with joy watching it come down and listening to the thunder. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a group of adults standing in the rain and liking it?

I checked with Edward and he said we hadn’t gotten a drop at home but there was lots of thunder.  Of course the “Dome of Drought” is staying strong over our house.  😦

Of course I had left the windows on my car cracked open so my seats were wet but that’s ok.  The drive home took a long time because once you get rain people drive like idiots and have accidents.  I swear at one point I could have walked home faster!

Sure enough the closer I got to home the lighter the rain got and once I crossed the Oso the rain basically stopped.  All we got at home was some light sprinkles and lots of thunder.  Sigh………….  The sunset was pretty but I wish we had gotten more rain.

It is beautiful outside this morning and actually feels nice. There are still a few tiny showers around but it’s going to heat up fast!!  We are all praying that this signals a shift in the weather pattern so we can start to see rain again on a regular basis.

Today is a super busy day for us.  Edward and I both have lists of things to do to get ready to leave bright and early tomorrow morning.  This is the day when I’m just not sure that vacation is worth all the hassle and sweat and work.  (Tomorrow will be another one of those days as well.  Honestly, there are moments when just unplugging the phones and staying home for a week sounds nice.)  I’m also at the point where I’m not sure if everything will get done.  I know it will but I always worry that it won’t.

I’m not sure how much (if any) I will blog next week…….it just depends.  It is vacation after all!  Amazon delivered my reading material and that is going to keep me busy for quite a while.  (Edward wouldn’t even let me open the box to make sure I didn’t start reading early…….lol)  But I promise lots of pictures and stores once we return.  🙂  Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend everyone!

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One thought on “I Love Rainy Days

  1. Yes! We got rain yesterday also and everyone was staring at it like it was the most magical thing we have ever seen. “What is this substance falling from the sky???” We were just waiting for Woody Harrelson to come up to us with a shotgun declaring the zombies were coming.

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