Thank God It’s Thursday (Aka Only 2 Days Until Vacation!!!!)

Happy Thursday!

Last night was out mid-week beach night and it was a perfect evening to be at the beach.  It was so unbearably hot at home and it felt perfect at the beach.

When we arrived we saw a Coast Guard helicopter, Navy jet and Coast Guard plane flying in circles.  Eventually the helicopter was very close to the water and we could even see the water being blown up into the air.  We didn’t know if it was because of an exercise or what but when we got home we found out that there had been a Navy trainer plane crash.  Everyone was fine thankfully.  The planes flew around for a quite a while before taking off.

It was a lovely evening.  The water is almost 90 degrees and feels fantastic.  After the sun went down we watched the stars and chatted.  We even saw some flashes of lightening from the storms up north.  We are still praying that they will find a way this far south!  Really fun evening.  Next Wednesday our beach night will be in Garner……kinda different but the stars will be mostly the same.

Today is Vanessa’s 23rd birthday!  Happy birthday to her!

Yesterday she sent me pictures of Lilly on her second day of school.  One was a before picture and one was an after…….



Lol boy that school really wears out a girl!

Time to get going…..have a wonderful Thursday!

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