A Hot Hot Hot Hump Day

All of us could take a lesson from the weather.  It pays no attention to criticism –Author Unknown

Well, we are in the hottest weeks of the year.  The weeks around Labor Day are traditionally the hottest in South Texas as the sun makes its way back toward the south and this year it’s even hotter than usual.    They say we may hit 104 over the weekend…………so I think the cats will be staying in the house when we leave on vacation.  The weather this time of year is just draining.

It’s not going to be any cooler in Garner either.  Looking at the extended forecast it will be around 100 every single day.  I wish it would be a little cooler but we will have the river to keep us cool during the heat of the day.  I’m packing the mister fans too! 

I was out in the heat for quite a bit yesterday and it wore me out big time.  I came home with a splitting headache and exhausted.  We had a glass of wine and Edward suggested we lay down for a little nap before dinner because we were both very, very sleepy.  **Excellent plan**  I was so sound asleep that someone rang the doorbell and I didn’t hear it at all…..lol.  Edward said I just kept snoring.  We got out of bed around 8 pm and had a very late dinner, obviously I needed that nap.

There is something wonderfully decadant about snuggling when you usually aren’t in bed.   The rest you get seems extra invigorating.

Thats about it for this morning…………..only 24 work hours left until vaca!  YAY!!!!!  Have a wonderful hump day!

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One thought on “A Hot Hot Hot Hump Day

  1. Kicky

    Have a wonderful vacation, Apples!!!!

    Only could be better if I was there 😉

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