End of Baseball Season & Start Of School Season

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.  ~John Dewey

Happy Tuesday!  Only four more work days until we leave on vacation!  😉  It is still unbearably hot and humid with no end in sight.  This has been a terrible, terrible summer and we need rain so badly that I wouldn’t even care if it rained every day while we are in Garner.

Last night we went to our last Corpus Christi Hooks game of the 2011 season.  We have been to a ton of games this year and sat in seats all over the stadium ranging from the not great to the super awesome.  We got one foul ball, two t-shirts and two softballs that they toss during the 7th inning stretch. To cap off the season in style one of the shirts Edward caught last night!

For give aways we received new hats, seat cushions, towels, blankets and beach bags…….heck we could open our own Hooks store!  🙂  There were  beers, hot dogs, nachos and peanuts (And maybe a little rum on occasion).  We saw lots of wins, lots of loses and lots of players who have moved on and are play for the Astros!

I’m not sure what we will do with our free time now…………..oh thats right….it’s football season. 

Yesterday was the first day of school.  Little Edward started first grade and Lilly and Emilio started Pre-K.  Can’t believe the little ones are already so big. I remember the first day Lilly came to the house to see me…..she was two years old and so teeny tiny but already her outgoing personality was shining through.  She is going to do great in school!

First Day of School 2011. I'm sure we will collect a lot more pictures like this in the years to come!


Vanessa sent me this picture in the  morning and said that lots of other kids were crying and Lilly wasn’t.  The teachers said they liked Lilly because she wasn’t crying!  Lol……..she was very excited about school!

Emilio did well on the first day too.  Rosie said that he didn’t cry at all and I’m sure he is going to do great as well!.  We talked to Edward on the way to the game last night and he said that dinner wasn’t even ready and the boys were already falling asleep.  School is a big adjustment for the little ones.

I think that’s about it for today.  I have a long work day planned and tonight it’s time to work on getting the Garner items in order.  Have a great Tuesday!!!

PS:  Tomorrow it will be only three days until vacation.  🙂



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