Only Five Work Days To Go

Those that say you can’t take it with you never saw a car packed for a vacation trip.  ~Author Unknown

The fact that at 6 am Saturday morning we leave for our 9 day vacation almost makes me look forward to today being Monday!  (Note that I said “Almost”)  It will be a busy week with a lot of things to get wrapped up and pulled together so I’m sure we will be ready for relaxing by the time Saturday arrives.

 We had a quiet weekend mostly at home getting things ready to go. Edward got home from the valley around 6 pm………around the same time my hangover finally started to calm down.  I made a huge pan of lasagna for dinner, something I haven’t done in a long, long time.  It was very yummy along with some sweet red wine (which Edward drank and I did not…….lol)

Saturday morning I tackled bulk of the grocery shopping.  I had put it off longer than usual and doing it while the store was crowded with weekend shoppers wasn’t the best idea.  But I didn’t run anyone over with my cart so that’s something.

In case you were curious this is what $250 worth of food looks like……sure seems there should have been more.  But, I guess the beer and wine adds to the total pretty quickly.  I have to go back on Thursday or Friday evening and get all the perishable items.  Everything is packed and ready to be loaded in the truck in the pre-dawn on Saturday morning.

I also finished all the cleaning and laundry for the day and even cut the grass.

For dinner Saturday I smoked some chicken breasts, made beans and potato salad.  Classic summer night dinner and I’m becoming quite a smoker pro!  We watched a movie and went to bed early.

Sunday was a wonderful lazy day at home.  We ran a couple of errands but we spend most of the day together watching movies that we have seen 100 times before and napping.  I even ordered my reading material for vacation and I’m so excited to sit in a chair and read.  I’m so busy most of the time that I don’t read much out of the internet.  When we are camping or on vacation I make sure to have good books to read.  I picked up “The Help” and ordered two more off of Amazon.

Edward and the girls napping on Sunday afternoon

Sunday night we went to our second to the last Hooks game of the season.  😦  It seems like yesterday that we were getting ready for the season opener and now the season is almost over.

It was a warm evening and not terribly windy.  We had our favorite seats in the front row behind home plate and Edward caught a foul ball on the rebound from the pressbox.  (I was just pleased that it didn’t hit me in the head.)  The crowd was small probably because school starts this  morning but we had a nice time.  Hooks managed to not lose the game but they sure tried and we got to hear ‘our’ song a whole bunch of time!  🙂

As sad as it sounds we compared work schedules for the week while at the game so we know who will be where when.  I think we are both going to be in town most of the week so YAY for that!

Well that about wraps up our super exciting weekend…….lol.  Time to get this party started and continue the countdown to the great annual Garner Get Away!

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