Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

I’m hung over so this isn’t going to eloquent.

I haven’t been hungover in ages and ages and now I remember why I don’t like it.

It really wasn’t my fault.  Honest.  We had a big client in town and bossman wanted to take him out for drinks and wanted all of us to join them.  So we did.  I wasn’t aware that bossman can 1.  drink like a fish 2.  enjoys it 3.  will just keep buying drinks.  Also Mr. Client like the drink too.

I know if there is a drink in front of me that I will drink it.  And thats where the problem was.  He kept getting drinks and we all kept drinking them.  I couldn’t tel you how much tequila I had last night but it was a lot.

Plus we never did eat anything.  We talked about it at one point but thats as far as it went.

Everyone I work with smokes and we were at the Havana Club (nice bar by the way) and they have a cigar room.  A cigar room is a room about the size of a closet with no ventilation where you can smoke.  And smoke they did.  I am still tasting nicotine and have a nasty smokers cough.

Anyway…….we all dragged ass into work this morning and you will be happy to know that apparently everyone was pretty toasted last night.  Yay…it wasn’t just me!!   And I didn’t lose any clothes!

Just a few more hours and the weekend starts……..Woohoooooooo!

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One thought on “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

  1. Kicky

    You drink? Alcohol?

    I am shocked!

    Ewwwwwwww to the smoke. Can’t take that.

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