Hot Enough For Ya?

And I love you, It just comes Natural
It’s what I was born to do
Don’t have to think it through
Baby, it’s so easy loving you
It just comes Natural

It is for me!!!!  Still summer and we still haven’t had any rain.  They say we might tie the record high temperature today……ugh!  Come on fall!

We really didn’t do anything this weekend and it was really pleasant.  It was hot, we were tired and it felt good to stay in the house and chill.  Honestly if we hadn’t had someone coming over on Sunday I’m not sure that we would have even gotten dressed……lol.

Edward worked Friday night at the store so I drove down and we had a quick drink and lots of kisses.  I managed to fit in a short nap and made dessert before he came home.  I cracked open a nice bottle of Llano’s sweet red wine and made shrimp for dinner.  It was late so outside of watching a movie we didn’t really do too much.

Saturday we ran errands and took a long, long nap in the afternoon.  I closed all the drapes on the bedroom windows, cranked down the AC and it was like sleeping in a cool, dark cave.   We haven’t taken naps in a while and this was nice.

We met some new friends who were in town from Dallas for dinner and drinks at Doc’s which is a restaurant overlooking the laguna for dinner.  Edward and I haven’t been there in ages.  We arrived about 7:30 and were told that it would be 60 – 90 minutes to wait for a table.  Ughhhhhhh.  But we had cocktails and sat on the patio in the wind and enjoyed the lovely sunset and moonrise.  (Want to guess what a disaster my hair was by the time we were seated?)

Fortunately with good company and lively conversation the time passed quickly.  We got a great table overlooking the water and the men were fascinated by the watching all the fish swimming around the green light in the water.  It was pretty amazing how many there were.  Dinner was excellent and I want to go back and eat there again sometime.

Sometime in the fall after the humidity is long gone.

After dinner we were to Pelican Lounge for a few more drinks and to listen to some live music before going home.  We managed to stay up waaaay too later but it was fun.

Sunday was a nothing day!  Edward stayed in bed until almost 1o am and we barely finished breakfast before Zachary arrived to cut the grass.  Little Edward was playing in a coach pitch tournament so we went up to watch them play the semi-final and championship game and got a chance to play with Lilly and Guili.

After a couple of minutes we discovered that as long as we let Guili play with a straw and a water bottle that she would be as happy as a clam.   She sat on my lap the entire game smiling the whole time.  She is a delight!

Guilianna making funny faces with PoPo

Give me enough time and I WILL figure out how this thing works........

What a cutie!

I told Edward if I could see her more than once a month she might not forget me between visits.  😦  But I was impressed with how quickly she warmed up to me.   The key was giving her a straw and a bottle of water to play with.

 Lilly started kindergarten on the 25th and was telling us all about the school supplies she got.  Lord have mercy on her teacher………lol.  She is going to be an inquisitive handful.  Vanessa has a temp job this next week and asked me if I was sure that I had to work because it wold be nice if I could keep the girls.  Oh how I wish I could!  There isn’t anything I’d like more than to spend the week with those two!

The Sandcrabs ended up losing the championship game to a 8 year and under team who were twice the size as they were.  They played hard and I was impressed with them!

Time to get Monday going……..we have tons to do in the next couple of weeks so I’d better get moving.  Have a great day!

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