Saturday Morning Breakfast…..Yummmmm

I’m more than a little addicted to Pinterest………………if you haven’t found out about this crack it is a website where you can ‘Pin” pictures of things that interest you to your own boards.  Like a bulletin board of inspiration.  They have a handy application and once you install it if you are on a page with a picture that you like all you have to do it click the ‘Pin It’ button, select the board you want to pin it to and TAADAAAAA……’s done.  No more dumping stuff in your favorites where it’s lost forever.

It’s perfect because the pins stay linked to the original site so if I run across a recipe I can quickly pin it to my board and go back and find it later.  Even better you can follow other Pinterest users so when they pin something you can see it and repin it to your board.  All of the boards and pins are public so no nakie pictures……….lol.

But I love it.  My “Foods I Want To Make & Eat” has tons of yummy looking recipes on it just waiting for me to start cooking!!!!

It’s like black tar heroin.

Anyway…….I have seen several people recently pinning pictures of migas recipes.  Perusing them I am surprised and more than a little disturbed at what some people consider to be migas.  Traditionally Tex-Mex migas were a Lenten Friday breakfast when all good Catholics refrain from eating meat.  They are a meat free breakfast.  (There are apparently Spanish style migas which do have meat in them but in my opinion those aren’t migas at all)

Tex-Mex migas do not have bacon, brisket or chorizo in them.  They are, at their core……eggs, crispy corn tortillas, pico de gallo and cheese.  Served with beans and tortillas.  And they are fantastic.

They are what I get for breakfast every time we go out to eat and I make them at least once at week at home.


2 -3 Corn Tortillas

2 T.  Olive Oil

1/2 C Pico De Gallo

3 – 4 eggs scrambled

Shredded cheese

You start with frying up corn tortillas in a little oil until they are crispy.  Stale tortillas work great but fresh will work as well.  I use 2 – 3 tortillas to serve two hungry people.  (Some people just use tortilla chips but they have a very different flavor and aren’t my favorite)

Once you tortillas are crispy add a big spoonful or two of pico de gallo.  If you are feeling ambitious you can, of course, chop up onions, jalapenos, green & red pepper and cilantro yourself but since they sell it in most stores already done I don’t see the point.  Stir it up for a few seconds until it is heated through.

This is the pico they sell at our local grocery store.  I add about 1/3 of the package to serve 2 people.

Add scrambled egg.  I use 3 or 4 eggs for two people.  Add salt and pepper and cook through.

Top with shredded cheese and serve!

Usually I have home-made beans but we were out this morning so I used canned (Oh the horror!) .  I also dump salsa on top of mine and I forgot to take this picture before I did that.  Ooops.

They are a fail proof breakfast and stick to your ribs!  Enjoy!

Have a great Saturday!!!


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