Ok Monday…..Let’s Do This!

Why is Monday so far from Friday and Friday so close to Monday?

I am so sad that the weekend is over already.  It’s still hot and humid in the mornings.  By the afternoon the humidity has burned off and it feels like you are standing in an oven.

So what did we do this weekend…..let me think.  Friday we went to the Hooks game with Mark & Kristina.  It was a really good game and we had a lot of laughs.  Just the end to the week that we needed.

A few cocktails and beers and both Edward and I relaxed a lot.  Baseball games are a nice place to blow off some steam.  Hooks ended up losing the game but it was still a good one.  There were the Friday fireworks afterwards too.  Pretty fun.

Saturday someone woke me up early……..7 am on Saturday is early………..but it was worth it.  Then Edward sent me off to buy some donuts.  We haven’t had donuts in a long time and they were tasty.Then I made breakfast completely from scratch….I even made homemade tortillas which are always good.  Messy but good.We had breakfast and were lazy until mid-afternoon when we went to a celebration bbq for friend.  We had good bbq and chatted with a lot of people.

When we left there we drove to Refugio to the South Wind Winery & Vineyard.  On the first Saturday of the month they keep the tasting room open until 10 pm and have live music.  We hadn’t been there before and weren’t sure what to expect.

They have a really nice tasting room and we got a tour of the back operation.  It’s a very small winery which is cool because you can get to know the owners.  I was a little worried that it would be very warm but by the time we got our wine and sat down for the music the temperatures were perfect.  One advantage to the drought is that we don’t really have any issues with mosquitos and it turned out to be a perfect evening to watch the sunset and listen to music.

They make several wines that I love.  I had a wonderful muscat caneli and the switched to a special sangria that they only make for the first Saturday music night.  It really hit the spot.  We had several glasses and the picked out a couple of bottled to bring home for later.  I think we will go back again, it was a fun and romantic thing to do.

Sunday morning I was up around 6 or so to let the cats out and I went back to bed.  A couple of hours later I woke up because there was a cat whining in our room and I KNEW they were all outside.  Apparently, Whitey had snuck in when the others went out, had breakfast and napped for a bit.  Edward is threatening to tie a bill around his neck for all the food he eats here…….lol.

Edward had to work so I took the opportunity to clean and do laundry.  It may not have been exciting but it had to be done and the house is spick and span.  Just the way I like it. In fact I was busy all day long.  I even got some work done which is impressive.

I was up pre-dawn to do my walk today.  I was not good at it last week and have got to make an effort to get back on track.  I know I feel so much better after walking.  The first cold front of the season can’t get here soon enough for me!

Finally, today my baby starts school for her senior year.  I can’t believe that she will graduate in the spring.   Time has just flown by and I am amazed.  Proud and amazed.  It will be a busy year full of activities and expenses (lol) but it will be a good one!

Have a great Monday and stay cool!

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