Dog Days Of Summer

In August, the large masses of berries, which, when in flower, had attracted
many wild bees, gradually assumed their bright velvety crimson hue, and by their
weight again bent down and broke their tender limbs.”
–  Henry David Thoreau

Welcome to August!  Quite easily my least favorite month of the year.  I was commenting to Edward yesterday that by this time of the year the grass and trees are dull and lifeless.  They look like they are holding their breath for fall to arrive.  Too bad that August and September are typically our hottest months as the sun begins it descent to the south.  Plus there are no good holidays to break the monotony of the heat and  humidity.  The only thing August has going for it is our vacation at the end of the month.

We had a quiet (read:  Dull) weekend at home.  Friday evening we were so looking forward to rain from Tropical Storm Dud….I mean Don, but he stood us up.  We got was about 30 seconds of light drizzle and some wind.  But at sunset the sky was a lovely shade of purple.  (See how I always look on the bright side?)  Since we cut the grass (along with everyone else in the city) in anticipation of the rain we didn’t have to do any work outside.

Saturday was a steamy hot day so I wisely spent as much time indoors as possible and that was pretty much all of it.    I moved our sofas around so I could clean under them………talk about a dust bonanza.  Yuckie!  Hardwood floors are awesome but they get dirty in a hurry…… when I moved them I found Spooky’s ball collection. (and a few wine corks that are probably courtesy of Lilly)

I picked them up and put them in the basket (After a heated battle with the dust bunnies) and Spooky promptly spent the rest of the day dragging them right back out.  I had chicken in the smoker and made an awesome batch of beans and potato salad.  It was delish.

Sunday the cats decided that we had slept in late enough and went on a mission to get us out of bed.  I responded by tossing everyone outside until we were ready to get up.  Then I was roped into watching a Jersey Shore marathon (Oh my how awful IS that show???????????) until we went to see a movie in the afternoon.  Finally I got out of the house…..wohoooooo!   But getting out of the truck I somehow managed to hit my leg on the truck door……sexy!Horrible Boss’ was…….ehhhhh.  A few amusing parts but just so-so overall.   Then we both came home to leftovers for dinner and to do some work before Monday.  But at least we did something.  🙂

Then last night we had a pretty serious cat related incident.  Edward wanted to me move Rascal because he was being annoying…..I don’t remember what or why but I moved Rascal to the other room.  Among the many bad habit Rascal has is that he likes to play chase and I often enjoy letting him chase me around the coffee table or whatnot.  Last night he was chasing me down the hall to the living room and somehow he attacked at the exact minute I turned the corned on the sofa.  His head was caught or smushed or something between the sofa and my leg thereby driving his fang teeth as far into my leg as they could go……and then some.

It didn’t hurt and first and I was far more worried that he had been hurt based on the scream he made.  So I went to try to get him only to find after a few seconds that my leg had started to bleed.  And bleed it did.  The hallway looked like a crime scene by the time I got a rag on it.  There was blood from almost everywhere.  Thankfully it stopped spurting after an hour or so but it hurts like a motherfucker.

Edward was a sweetheart and bandaged me up.  It doesn’t look like Rascal was hurt, really at all so thats good.  Now our only worry is trying to keep my leg from getting infected.  With as much bleeding as I did it should have been well washed out.    I think this injury ended the debate over what I’m wearing to work today though……my leg looks like I was bit by a giant snake so pants it is.

Time for me to get out the door and wrap today up.

Have a great Monday!

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