Hoping For A Rainy Friday

Hello Friday!

We are still hoping that Don will track a little bit more to the north.  At this point it looks like it’s going to come in a few hundred miles south of us which means we most likely won’t see much rain.  😦  (For the record God the Valley isn’t nearly as dry as we are……..)  But we can still keep our fingers crossed! At the very least we should get ‘SOME’ rain.

It is absolutely oppressive outside this morning.  The humidity feels like it is 100000000% and there isn’t a gust of wind.  The windows are completely covered with condensation.  Yuck!   I should have gone and walked this morning but it’s just too gross out there.


Rascal listening intently to the storm briefing........

In the meantime……….last evening we went to the beach to enjoy the sunset since it was Thursday date night.  It was a great evening for just the two of us.  Edward did some fishing and I played in the water.  You would never know that there was a storm building in the gulf with the wall to wall sunshine and gentle breezes.  The beach was packed with a ton of people who apparently had the same idea that we did.

 We had a picture perfect evening with a bottle of wine.  It was great and soooooo relaxing!  We picked up a pizza on the way home and retired to bed.  I’m going to miss these evenings at the beach once it gets too cold to go.

Outside of the keeping an eye on the storm there are no big plans on the agenda this weekend.  Edward is working tonight and Saturday but I’m sure we will come up with something to do on Sunday.  I have a bunch of reading I have been putting off so that will keep me occupied for a while.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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