Glorious Texas Tuesday

If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. – Maya Angelou

Well, it’s glorious if you are a fan of humidity and heat which since I live in South Texas I *must* be.   This is usually the time of the year when I start apologizing for all the bitching and moaning I did during the winter about how dreadfully cold and aweful and miserable it was.

Remember this?????

Hmmmm……….no I’m not going to apologize because last winter was freaking cold but I’m still going to complain about how freaking hot it is now.  Also?  Given the choice between sweating my ass off or freezing my ass off I would always pick freezing as a preferable way to spend the day.


Oh well……only a couple (more like three) months to go and I can complain about the cold again!

Zachary, Vanessa and the girls were over last evening for a while along with their little puppy Tinkerbell.   Zachary is flying to Virginia tomorrow to drive back to Corpus Christi with a friend and he needed a couple things.  This was the first time Tinkerbell has been over and the cats were not amused………lol.

 As afraid as Rascal is of everything the one thing he apparently isn’t afraid of is dogs.  He came into the house and immediately began chasing Tinkerbell all over the place before I could get him outside.  Spooky on the other hand just climbed up on a kitchen chair and stayed there.  Momma knew when their car was in the neighborhood and immediately ran away to hide.

 Guilianna is starting to have a little separation anxiety.  Vanessa handed her to Edward and she immediately began making sad faces and started to cry……lol.  But eventually she settled in and played. She especially liked hitting him with a toy rattle.   She didn’t want me to hold her either but was happy to play with me and smile as long as she was on her mom’s lap.  (The chip to my camera decided to stop working so I could only take pictures with my phone 😦 )  Lucky for me Lilly still loves me and wanted to play so I wasn’t left out.  I got to sit on the floor and play PlayDough most of the evening.  (Thank goodness my back is feeling good again.)

This morning Lilly is going to be registered for school  It’s hard to believe that she is old enough to start school already!  I thought she would have to wait until next fall but she is old enough in Alice to start in September.  After that they will be going back to San Antonio to get Zachary to the airport for his flight.  Lilly wasn’t exciting about going to back to San Antonio…..she says the only thing she likes in San Antonio is the swimming pool…

That’s about it for this morning.  Time to head out into the heat and get ready for a hot lunch date. 😉

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