Knee Deep In The Water

Wishing I was knee deep in the water somewhere
Got the blue sky breeze and it don’t seem fair
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair
Sunrise there’s a fire in the sky
Never been so happy
Never felt so high
And I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise

Monday already?  😦   The humidity is oppressive out there.   I’m really hoping this drought breaks sometime soon because our water bill is going to be outrageous from trying to keep the grass alive.  We are watering almost every single day and still have patches that are fried. It is impossible to keep a lawn green without rain.  At this point we would welcome a good tropical storm or even a low grade hurricane.

Weathermen claim that there is a area of disturbed weather that might bring us rain next weekend but I don’t believe it.  I think they have taken to telling us that rain is coming ‘in a week’ to stop us from pulling out the pitchforks and torches.  Of course rationally I know it isn’t their fault that it hasn’t rained but blaming it on someone is more fun than the persistant area of high pressure.

I was checking out some campgrounds around the state and at some in the north they won’t even allow gas grills or propane stoves.  We use an electric skillet and crockpot most of the time but those restrictions would be still require significant changes to our menus.  Fortunately Garner will still allow gas grills and stoves. (33 days from today we will be laid out in chairs in Garner!!!!)

Even if the lawn isn’t healthy it still needs to be cut (at least in spots) so I did that first thing on Friday evening.  If nothing else it’s a good workout.  Edward had to work and after he finished we went out for dinner complete with chips & salsa (you know…my favorite thing EVER) and margaritas.

I also love margaritas…..Mmmmmmmm.  But what I really love is time away with my baby after a busy week especially when there is boxing on the tv!!!!!

Saturday morning we slept in a little bit before Edward went to get a haircut and help friends more some appliances.  He was a sweaty mess by the time he got home.  I would have gone along to help but my back was still al little bit tender.

Then we loaded the truck for a beach day.  While we were getting ready to go I (again) bemoaned the fact that I have a swimsuit top that was MIA.  I could not figure out what happened to it.  I have clean and reorganized everything in the house and it is no where to be found.  Then Edward told me that he wasn’t sad that it was missing because he wasn’t a fan of it.  :-O  NOW the truth comes out…………fine……guess I won’t be looking for it anymore.


On a whim we decided instead of going to the National Seashore we would go to Mustang Island.  We haven’t been to Mustang Island since early in the spring and were surprised at how crowded it was!  Wall to wall people until almost the end of the park. I couldn’t believe how many people were there.   Guess that’s what happens when you don’t get there early.  Edward said he had never seen it so crowded and I know I haven’t.   It was a zoo!

 Lucky for us we found the a good spot pretty close to the end……..the beach was surprisingly clear of seaweed and trash which is always a pleasant surprise.  There was quite a bit of driftwood but that was ok.

Now we have a ‘beach bag’ that stays packed and ready to go.   It has things like towels, long sleeved t-shirts, pants, hats, reading material.  When we get home whatever we used is washed and put back in the bag so it’s ready to go the next trip.  I grabbed an extra towel out of the bag on Saturday and something caught my eye………..the missing swimsuit top that Ed had just that morning confessed to not liking.  Of course it turned up now…..why wouldn’t it.  There was also a shirt of Edward’s that he had been looking for.  I’m not sure under what circumstances my swimsuit top ended up in the bag alone……well, I probably guess at the circumstances I just don’t remember when it happened.  At least one mystery in the universe has been solved.

We had a great afternoon and evening…….we even saw a few stingrays!!!!  A couple of people fishing around us caught them as well.  They tend to come close to shore this time of the year so we were careful walking in the water.  Fortunately we didn’t have an up close and personal encounter.  Shewwwwwwww!   There were also a lot of sand crabs running around.  

We are always surprised at how quickly the time flies when we are there.  No sunburns this trip and it was relaxing.

Sunday morning we woke up to this in the kitchen:

Oh yay napkin confetti all over the floor!!!! :-/   I interrogated the usual suspects but no one was talking.  In fact they didn’t care that I was unhappy about it at all.

We didn’t do anything fun on Sunday.  Laundry, cleaning, groceries, dusting……the usual.  Edward worked at the store so I had plenty of time to get my chores done.  At the end of the day it makes me happy to have a tidy home and having a tidy home means taking the time to keep it that way.  I made a delicious pasta salad for dinner and baked brownies too.   Pretty productive day.

Look at the picture Vanessa sent me on Sunday afternoon of Guili……lol.

I did my walk this morning….3.4 miles at an average pace of 14:31/mile.  🙂  I just kept telling myself that the faster I walked the quicker I could get out of the heat……lol.  This is my first real walk since hurting my back last week and I am pretty excited about how well it went.  Plus my walk is done for the day unless I pull a double.  (Which I really need to do……)

That’s about it for this morning. Have a wonderful Monday!

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