Happy, Happy, Happy Friday!

Last night Edward and I went to watch the Corpus Christi Hooks play baseball with Mark & Kristina.  It had been a sultry day so I was a little worried about how miserable the game would be, but it turned out to be a pretty pleasant evening.

I may not have mentioned it before but, in general, I am pretty grossed out by hair.  Not hair on top of the head or neatly trimmed facial hair but hair in a drain, loads of excess body hair or being forced to see hair I have no desire to see makes me gag.  So you can imagine how excited I was when this dude planted himself in front of Edward.

You can see Edward’s beer sitting directly behind him………all I could see was his arms flailing about and little hairs flying everywhere.  Ok, I’m pretty sure there were little hairs flying everywhere but it made me gag.  Seriously, sleeveless shirts on men belong at home or on the beach and no place else.

Here Edward decided to use his glove as a make shift ‘beer protector’……..lol.

Ahhhh but the fun wasn’t over yet………

Next to me a (very nice I’m sure) woman planted her feet on top of the seat next to me.  Did I mention they weren’t even nice feet?  Because they weren’t.  They were old, gnarly, gross and badly in need of a pedicure.

To recap:  gross armpit hair on one end and disgusting feet on the other.

My God.

On the bright side, nasty feet lady left around the 7th inning so at least my side of the aisle was clear and I could stop gagging all the time.  Armpit hair dude hung in until the bitter end but he did start keeping his arms down most of the time.

It was a pretty exciting game:  we saw a spectator & a Hooks player get hit hard by a foul ball.  And we got free tacos!  Woohoooooo!  Oh and I almost got a ball in the face but the people in front of be grabbed it……thank goodness. 

Today is another sultry day with no end in sight.  My back is starting to turn the corner and I have been moving today without considerable pain.  As long as I’m careful I should be back to full speed by early next week…..Yay!  I’m not pushing the walking today but might take a gentle walk tonight just to see how it feels.

Tomorrow morning Edward is helping to move some items for Mark and Kristina and then we are looking at a beach day.  I’m in need of some good sun to supplement the tan on my legs.  Plus the warm sun will feel good on my back!!!  If nothing else I have found that rum is an excellent pain reliever.

Well that’s about it for this morning.  Me and my sore back have some work to get done.  Whatever you do this weekend I hope it’s a good one! Have a great weekend!

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