The Good News & The Bad News

If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I’d have had
them first.  ~Lois Wyse

Happy Thursday!

First the good news………………

Yesterday I got to spend some time with Lillyanna and Guilianna!  Their dad, David had a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago and they have been staying with his parents so they could help with his recovery.  But Vanessa brought them down for a few days and sent me a text asking if I was home, available and wanted to see the girls.

What a nice treat!

Sidenote:  At one point Edward sent me a text asking me what I was doing.  I sent him back a text that said  “this” along with the picture:

He was surprised and a little sad he wasn’t home to see them too.

Guilianna has grown sooooooo big since the last time we saw her!  She is rolling back and forth like crazy and really wants to crawl!  I played playdogh with Lilly and we read books.  They are such joys……..I wish they lived closer so we could see them a bit more.

But yesterday was great!

Now for the bad news……..

 I was bending over to lay Guili down on the sofa and apparently my back wasn’t amused with the position I was in.  I heard a pop followed by excruciating blazing pain.


Seriously.  WTF???????

When I was younger I had a lot of back issues.  Since my Mom and sister both have had serious back surgeries (Yes multiple) I figure it’s mostly genetic and I’m the lucky one.  I haven’t had any real issues with my back in years.  Every once in a while it gets tight and little sore but thats it.  Lately, its felt fine.  No tightness no twinges….nothing.  It just went POP and in a milisecond I moved from feeling fantastic to unbelieveable pain.  Left side pain radiating down my leg and I am not happy about it one little bit.

I think it’s safe to say that walking is out for a few days to be replaced with gentle stretching and lots of massages and ibuprofen.


This sucks.

(Totally worth it for baby snuggles but it still sucks)

After the girls left I spent 20 minutes throwing every single bottle out of our special medicine cabinet hoping against hope that we would have SOMETHING, ANYTHING, PLEASE GOD ANYTHING in the narcotic or sleep inducing family.  No.  We have nothing.  Not so much as a freaking ambien.  I had to settle for Tylenol PM which, in case you were curious, doesn’t do shit for back pain.

This morning it is still hurting but much improved over last night when I couldn’t even lift my legs.  As long as I’m in one position and don’t move I feel ok.   I even did some gentle stretching.

I’m sure I’m going to be a wonderful sight today wincing every time I have to stand up or sit down.  Hopefully I won’t moan too much…  Plus we have plans tonight with friends so I need it feeling ok by this evening.  Sigh.

It’s ok if i just cancel today and stay in bed right?

Have a great Thursday.!

PS:  Edward thoughtfully emptied the wine chiller and took it outside this morning so it could defrost.  (Apparently he figured with my bad back I wasn’t going to be moving anything in the near future and he had been hinting that it needed to be done for the last month )  Anyway, once it moved it we found Rascal treasure trove of hair ribbies.  Rascal LOVES playing with elastic ponytail holders.  He really likes it when he can find one in the drawer in the bathroom and then digs around for an hour until he gets it out and then chases it all over the house.

You should have seen his face when I tossed 6 of them at him this morning!   At this moment he is gleefully tossing them all over the kitchen.

It’s awesome!

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