Use It Or Lose It

Yay…Bonus Blog!



G it’s hotter than hades out there!   Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!

I had a good walk this morning thanks to some light cloud cover.  If we hadn’t had that I probably would have keeled over from heat stroke.  Anyway, as I was walking I was noticing how smooth my stride was and how easy the walking was.

A month or six weeks ago I had a stretch where I wasn’t actively walking as often thanks to an insane work schedule.  Once I got out and started walking again my gait felt all wrong……stiff and ackward. It’s difficult to explain but it felt almost like my feet were slapping the ground. It was not fun.

It took several weeks to get my gait and stride back to where it needed to be.

So that started me thinking about people who have really sedentary life styles and how difficult it would be to get started moving.  If that isn’t motivation to just keep moving I don’t know what is.

I never want to get up and go but I am always happy when I do.

Oh…….and this morning when I was all dressed and ready to go Edward told me that he could tell that I was losing weight.  🙂 🙂 🙂 Oh I haven’t lost nearly enough but the pictures from last weekend are the first in a long time that didn’t totally horrify me.


Ok I’m going to finish spending the afternoon with my honey!  😉

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