Betcha By Golly, Wow

Betcha by golly wow
You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for… forever
And ever will my love for you keep growing strong
Keep growing strong

It is another hot, sultry day out there this morning.  At least there was a fairly decent breeze which helped a lot.  My times have been excellent when I get out nice and early in the day but when I try to go later when it’s hot my times certainly show it.  I did 3.3 miles with an average pace of 15:10/mile……not too bad but still about 30 seconds off my best time ever.  Now I’m busy trying to rehydrate myself.

I am pretty proud of how in shape I am these days.  On Friday as a special anniversary present to Edward I cut the grass and didn’t even feel like I was going to die.  In fact I wasn’t even out of breath!  Plus it looked pretty wonderful if I do say so myself.

Edward is in the middle of his July trade show which is being held in Corpus Christi this year.  This is the same trade show that he was at when we met for the first time so I have a special fondness for it.  We had plans to go to the Hooks game last evening and I was meeting him at the hotel with a change of clothes so we could go.

I wasn’t aware that the plan had changed slightly and we were having drinks with some co-workers and staying for dinner and part of the entertainment.  (If I had known I might have worn a slightly longer skirt but oh well………I’m adaptable)  Typical hotel fajitas but I was starving so it tasted good.  Then they had Polynesian dancers to entertain us.  Those girls sure know how to shake it baby!!!

I found out that next year the trade show is back in San Marcos…….Wooohooooooo………outlet shopping here I come!

Then we went over to the Hooks game with Mark and Kristina.  Another lovely evening for baseball with a great Hooks victory. We had a few cocktails and caught up.  We are trying to find a time to have a beach day with them but between our schedules it is always a challenge.

I failed to update you on the final results from the 6U Coach Pitch World Series that was held in Atlanta GA this past week.  The Sandcrabs finished the tournament in third place out of 12 teams!  We are very proud of them and how well they played.  Everyone had a great time and it was a wonderful experience for them.  The family arrived safely back in Corpus Christi yesterday morning around 10 am after a long 19 hours on the road and reported that their own beds had never felt better.

Oh…..look at this adorable new picture of Guilianna rockin the piggytails………

Isn’t she just adorable???????

Well, I think that is about it for this morning.   Have a great Tuesday and stay cool!


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