Happy Anniversary To The Love Of My Life

Real love is helping and reassuring

Trusting and understanding

and loving

always loving

Anniversary after happy anniversary.

When I think of all
that we’ve been through
and all the wonderful memories
we’ve yet to make,
I realize how much I’m looking forward
to spending the rest of forever
with you.

Dear Edward:

This morning as the sun came through the window I looked over at you while you slept

I saw our first conversation and the smile that wouldn’t leave my face for hours. 

I saw our first kiss, when I knew that my search was over and I had found the love of my life.

I saw my best friend, my partner and my husband.

Thank you for being the story of my life.

Thank you for loving me.

I Love You and will love you forever.

So today I lift my (figurative, it’s a little early to crack open the wine…..even for me) glass to us…….for everything the last six years have been and everything I know that the next six (or 50) years will be.


Also:  I’m still trying to find you a ‘Beyonce’ for your very own.  I know how much you will love it!  Kisses!

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One thought on “Happy Anniversary To The Love Of My Life

  1. Kicky

    Happy Anniversary to my favorite Texan couple! You guys are perfect for each other. I am so glad you found each other.



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