A Story From Sunday I Forgot About

So on Sunday I needed to do a little work to get some sun on my back.  I *hate* laying on my stomach to get sun there.  Edward helped by buying me a new face pillow but it still got so hot while I was laying there that I had to get into the water and cool off. (Also, Edward was so diligent about making sure that I had sunblock on and reapplied it religiously…..he is to thank for the fact that I didn’t get a bad burn.  Thank you baby!!!)

So I was out by myself although there was a group of people right next to me and I was jumping up and down in the waves when they hit the sandbar and really started to splash.  It’s FUN!    Here comes and wave and JUMP and here comes another wave and JUMP and then there was this gigantic, huge enormous wave and I jumped but it didn’t matter.  Water came spilling over my head and I couldn’t touch the bottom and I was thrown all around.

(Did I mention I was wearing a bikini?  It’s important)

Suddenly by bottoms were down around my knees and I was treading water and trying not to lose them.  The water got a little more shallow (I did mention there were people pretty close to me right?) about waist deep so I got my bottoms pulled up and straightened out.  Only then did I realize that my bikini top was no longer covering any of the stuff that it was supposed to be……unless of could I wanted it to cover my sides.  So yes, I inadvertently flashed s group of people.


Feed time in Appleville

I have to get out of here early this morning so I might blog some more later.  If not….have a great Wednesday!

Rascal demonstrating the best way to spend a hot summer day

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