Procastination Al La Wednesday Night

I didn’t get to walk this morning so I am supposed to be going to walk right now.

Look!  I even have my shoes on!

But I don’t want to go.  I mean, I really don’t.  Here is a list of excuses as to why I think I shouldn’t have to walk tonight:

1.  I have a headache and have had it most of the afternoon.  I don’t like headaches.  I think instead of a walk I should have a cocktail and relax on the sofa.

2.  I had a stressful day.  (Cocktail is again the obvious answer to this issue)

3.  I’m having a really great hair day which will no long be the case after .10 seconds outside.  (Did someone say cocktails?)

4.  It’s still hot.

5.  Spooky and MommaCat are both taking comfortable naps and want me to stay on the sofa so they can sleep on me.  It’s mean to disturb them.

6.  It’s not fair that I have to exercise

7.  One of the piercing holes in my left ear is infected.  In the 35 years I have had pierced ears I have never had an infection before. This may not have any impact on my walk but it’s better to be safe than sorry I alway say.

8.  My pretty new shoes aren’t as pretty and new looking any more.  This makes me sad. (Cocktails make me happy)

But I’m going……I’m going……but I am NOT going to have fun and I’m NOT going to like it.

Update:  I went, I walked, I conquered.  Good time and it actually made my headache go away!  Woohoooooo me!!!

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