Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Friday! 

Hells bells is it hot out there this morning.  Thanks to the rain (which we totally needed and I’m not complaining about one teeny bit) the humidity is about a million % and there are already little mosquitos around.

It’s crazy.

Edward is working at home today and I stopped  to check on him.  He is sitting in the office and MommaCat is right at his feet sleeping.  (He says occassionally she licks his toes.)  Rascal is curled up in a corner of the room sound asleep.   He was very put out that Edward has the nerve to be sitting in the chair which is his favorite sleeping spot but finally agreed to find a new place to sleep.

In today’s exciting news we have finally eaten enough of the 20 lb German chocolate cake that we got for Edward’s birthday last week that I could move it to a Tupperware container…….it was like getting my fridge back without that HUGE box in there……lol.   No worries about us running out of cake though…….We still have 3/4 of the cake that Vanessa gave him.

Now if I can just forget it’s in there all will be right with the world.

My new swimsuit arrived yesterday.  The good news is that the bottoms (that I was a little worried about) fit GREAT.  The bad news is that they sent the wrong size top and unless I want to try to feel comfortable with something that barely covers my nipples I guess we are going to have to exchange it.  😦  Well…….boo.  But did I mention that the bottoms look awesome?

Tomorrow is a beach day!  Time to work on my tan!   We will have to leave a little early though because we have tickets to the Hooks game that evening.  (Also, I will probably want to moderate my rum consumption so I’m able to do both)  Thats about all that is on the schedule right now but things tend to pop up from time to time.

Have a great weekend!

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