Something That Should Be Legal (And Possibly Encouraged) But Isn’t

Note:  This blog in no way is meant to encourage you to punch people.  At noted above although understandable it is also illegal.

There was a story in our local news about an incident at a local movie theatre.  According to police: one (I’m sure lovely and refined) young woman failed to silence her cell phone before the movie started.  I mean really, who could blame her…….they only remind you of it half a dozen times….I’m sure it was simply an over sight.

Anyway, when her phone rang (which of COURSE it did because cell phone always ring when you have forgotten to silence them) another audience member took offense.  This gentlemen told her (I’m sure in a very polite and genteel manner) that she should silence her phone.  (This is more assertive than I would have been.  I would have just eye rolled and sighed and spent the dinner after the movies discussing how awful the youth of today are and where are there parents?)

The lovely young lady, not at all over reacting, threw her drink in his face.

Ok, first… you KNOW what drinks at the movies cost?  The news doesn’t say if it was a small, medium, large or super-duper large but I think we can agree that she lost some bank in that transaction.

Second…..I wonder if she took the time to take the lid off of or he was hit with that too.

Third… or regular?  Cola or Sprite?  So many questions are left unanswered.  For the love of God don’t  let it have been regular Pepsi and have him wearing a white shirt!

Fourth….how classy is this chick????????  Her Mama must be proud.

Anyway, the victim of the soda splashing took some sort of offense at having soda in his face when he merely was reminding her to quiet her phone.  Responding (as I think we would agree most of us would) he punched her in the face.

Here is a question…….  Which one of these two is the ‘victim’?  The news report I saw seemed to decide it was the girl with a fat lip although I’m a little confused as to why.  Because she got hit harder?    Police say that they can both press charges on each other for assault which I’m sure makes it a win-win.

Personally I think it should be completely legal to punch someone when they leave their phone on in the movies.  Ok, maybe not in the face the  first time because anyone can make a mistake…….but a solid arm punch once or twice and I bet we wouldn’t even need those stupid commercials before the movie starts reminding us.  A slap or two for texting.  Rumper Stumper if they talk and text.

So, next time you go to the movies make sure to silence your phone.  You might be sitting next to a psychopath. Or you could be a psychopath or…….well, there must be a lesson here someplace.

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One thought on “Something That Should Be Legal (And Possibly Encouraged) But Isn’t

  1. Kicky

    I hope they didn’t drop their popcorn!

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