Monday Just Keeps Sneaking Up On Me

Monday is the root of all evil.

😦 How can it be Monday already???  We had a really nice weekend finishing up Edward’s birthday celebrations and then Fathers Day.

We spent Friday running errands all over town and were tired when we got home.   That lead to a most pleasant late afternoon nap.   Poorly conceived as it turned out since we weren’t at all tired on Friday night.  By 3 am we were both still wide awake (And watching “The Right Stuff which is apparently the movie that never ever ends) but had to go to bed to get  a little bit of rest. 

We didn’t sleep in terribly late on Saturday but spent the day puttering around the house until it was time to leave for the Hooks game in the afternoon.  The game started a little early because of the post game concert by “Asleep At The Wheel”.  It was a very entertaining game and we had fun.  Lots of our friends were there so we got to reconnect a little bit too. Weather was excellent and since there we haven’t had rain in ages there weren’t any bugs. 

The game went into extra innings so I’m glad it started early.  I have never heard “Asleep At The Wheel” perform and while I was assured they were Grammy award-winning artists I can’t say that I had heard of anything they played……lol.  Edward said it was like being at Garner and listening to the station out of Uvalde.

We went home to get some sleep because Edward had to be up early to go fishing with his son for Father’s Day.  They each had a kayak and went out to Packery Channel to try to catch some fish.    It was a bit more windy than they would have liked but they still had a nice time. 

 I got up at 5 am with him to make them breakfast and pack lunches.  One kind of cool thing, as we were loading everything up we saw a big owl in the tree across the street.  I was a little worried it might go after Spooky but she was fine.  Once I waved them off I did a walk as the sun was coming it.  Perfect start to the morning!

Edwards plan for the rest of his Father’s Day was to come home and relax in his underwear…  And with the exception of a short trip to his Dad’s that is exactly what we did.  It was great.

Our MommaCat is a burrower and loves to dig inside of things.  Last night she decided to climb under some blankets in the basket………she is so weird. 100 outside and she wants to be under blankets.  Spooky and Rascal spent most of the weekend in the house with us too.  Way too warm for them to be outside!  Weather forecast says we might see some rain mid-week.  We are sure praying for that to happen!!

Ok….time to get today started and finished.  Have a great Monday!

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