This Sucks Y’all

One day when I was in the fourth grade I lost my vision…..seemingly overnight.  One day I was going along reading the blackboard at school and the shoes on my feet and the next I was blind as a bat. (Without the sonar locating ability)  Anything farther than a foot or two in front of me was nothing but a blur.  My mother thought I was faking because my BFF had gotten glasses……until the eye doctor told her that I was, in fact, essentially blind.

The day I went to pick up my new glasses I was awed and amazed at the things I could see!  It was great!  Over the years my vision got worse and worse and my glasses kept getting stronger and stronger.  How bad is my vision?  I only know that it is a giant “E” on the eye chart because I know it’s a giant “E”.  After high school I switched to extended wear contacts which means I never take them out.  I know, my eyes are freaks and can withstand leaving in contacts for abnormally long periods of time.  My eye dr says so.  I leave them in so long that sometimes I forget how bad my vision is until I have to take one out.

You can imagine my dismay then when suddenly a year or so ago I began to lose my near vision.  Over night I was the one carrying things to the window where the light is better.  I’m squinting and holding things at arm’s length and guessing at what they say.  Worst of all I’m the one digging around looking for a pair of glasses.  After all these years of laughing at Edward not being able to see suddenly the foot is on the other foot.  How does this happen?  Close up vision was all that I had for the love of god!  Where did it go?

This sucks y’all.

Tuesday night Edward and I went out for drinks with some friends and he asked me to close out the tab.  Not a pair of glasses to be found……..dark bar…….couldn’t make heads or tails about what the balance was.  (Maybe an $18 or possibly a $24 or is that a $6???????????)  Which made figuring a tip a little difficult.  Completing my humiliation was having the waitress read me the total. (Sucks!)

On Friday  the highlight of my day was going to Academy and finding a pair of sunglasses with readers in them!  Thank God!  I will actually be able to drive and text again…………..Joking!  I’m joking!  I can’t drive and text with this phone…..honest.  Heck I can’t even drive and ANSWER this phone yet.  But I will be able to read my book at the beach again without having to steal Edward’s glasses or (even worse) wearing sunglasses on top of sunglasses. 

So now we  having reading glasses everywhere (In a stroke of luck both Edward and I need the same level of correction, at least for now).  I have glasses in my car…..on the nightstand….in the bathroom… my purse….on my desk……in the kitchen……..the only thing I haven’t done yet is get a chain so I can wear them around my neck.  Ahhhhh……but I’m sure that’s coming.  😦 (Sucks)

I hear they make bifocal contacts now………….maybe my next step.

This sucks y’all.

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One thought on “This Sucks Y’all

  1. Kicky

    I will write my love notes larger next time.

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