Happy Flag Day!

You’re the emblem of
The land I love.
The home of the free and the brave.
~George M. Cohan

I swear the weather on flag day is alway just gorgeous.  The humidity is higher than I would like but the sun is shining and it is a gorgeous early summer day.   I wish we were back at the beach!

Yesterday was such a wonderfully, deliciously, lazy day here at home.  Edward and I were both still tired from all the fun over the weekend.  Poor Edward had to work……….but I did not!

So I took my walk in the morning and came home and flopped back on the sofa.  After I cooled off a little I took a shower and changed back in to my pajamas.  Where I stayed for the rest of the day.

It. was. awesome!!!!!!

I tried to get motivated to do something a couple of times but I kinda failed. I mean, I did have a particularly painful sunburn on my upper thighs.  Obviously I couldn’t be asked to actually do any work or anything.  Right?  And the nap I took was pure heaven!  Even if MommaCat & Spooky wanted to sleep with me.

But today I am not on the sofa and I have clothes on and work to do. 

(Isn’t this a pretty picture?  It was taken this morning by our friend Susan.  I didn’t get moving early enough to take any pretty sunrise photos so I just stole hers instead.)

Edward’s birthday is just a couple of days away and I need to get his present!  🙂  (I finally know what I am getting him!)  He has selected his delicious birthday cake (a fantastic looking german chocolate) and I will be in charge of buying him all the beer and hot dogs that he desires.  Should be a fun day.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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