It’s Gonna Be A Hot One

Well the weather man says, “It’s gonna be a hot one.”
Heard it on the radio
Load up the boat, get your girl if you’ve got one
A nice little breeze gonna blow

And by the ‘weatherman’ I mean Rascal the weathercat.  Each morning he comes in to eat and promptly climbs into our bed to sleep away the heat of the day.  He just loves sleeping in that dark cool room, preferably on Edward’s pillow.  Most of the time he will wait at least wait until I get the bed made but not yesterday morning!  He wasn’t happy when I moved him out of the way. 

So in yesterdays…….if I had planned it it wouldn’t have worked out story………..

I am doing some work in the file room this week. For the record there is no place on the planet that I hate  more than a filing room. The work is tedious, mind numbing and so boring I can’t even find a happy place to go to.  (And thankfully almost done)  The only upside is that I’m not actually doing any filing because that would make me want to slit my wrists…….but anyway…………

I brought my trusty bottle of diet orange soda and in an effort to keep it safe I set it on top of the filing cabinets and got to work.  A while later I needed a break and put my arms above my head to stretch and promptly bumped the bottle.

It then careened off the filing cabinets striking me square in the middle of the head and spraying soda all over me. Over my hair…….down my shirt……inside my shirt……….oh yeah, an orange soda shower.


No I did not take any pictures.  Lucky for me I found an old promotional shirt around so I could change at least not look like a complete moron. Sigh……….

Have a great Thursday……Friday is on the horizon!   Stay cool out there!

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