Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!

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Friday was graduation day for King High School including Zachary, Edward’s youngest son.  We all gathered at the American Bank Center to enjoy all of the festivities including Derrick and Amanda who flew in from San Diego.  Congratulations Zach and the entire class of 2011! 

After the graduation ended we met everyone outside for pictures and finally a late dinner at Jalisco where Emilio kept giving me hugs and telling me ‘happy birthday’ in an effort to get more quarters out of my purse……lol.  Guilianna was wide awake and charming as always.  I was amazed at how much bigger and stronger she has gotten in the last couple of weeks.  She isn’t a bobblehead anymore!  Lillyanna got a new dress for graduation and it came with another dress for a doll.  The doll dress was the perfect size for Guilianna so they were matching! 

Saturday evening was the family BBQ for Zachary.  I was asked to make beans.  No pressure at all……….snort.  I make beans a lot but since I don’t eat them often I’m not a good judge good beans vs bad beans.  Additionally this time I had to make a much larger batch of beans than normal so the quantities needed som tinkering.  (No recipe of course just eyeballling it)  But at the end of the night there was barely a spoonfull left in the pot so I guess they were a hit.  In any case I’m taking it as a victory! 

Weather Saturday night was perfect for being outside.  There was a large group and lots kids running to and fro and plenty of yummy food to eat.  And no family drama!  (Ok, not totally true……..but what drama there was did NOT involve us 😉 )I did get to spend lots of time holding Guilianna which was great and it seemed like everyone had a good time.

I would call the weekend a great success!!

So today it’s back to work and it will be a much quieter week.  Hooks game tonight!  Have a great Monday! 🙂

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