It’s A Two Blog Kinda Day

Aka:  Amy Doesn’t Feel Good (or well or whatever I feel crappy) And Wants To Whine About It


This all started on Sunday and even nowI’m not sure exactly what’s wrong.  😦  I have a cough and some chest congestion.  My throat hurts off and on from time to time.  But the bad part…..the worst part is that my whole body HURTS like a mofo.  Add to that that I feel exhausted and you can imagine it’s not a lot of fun to try to sleep next to me at night.

This morning when Ed woke me up he told me I was hot.  (Isn’t that sweet?)

Oh wait…..he didn’t mean that kind of hot……he meant that I was scalding hot all night long.  Which I know isn’t true because every time I was awake I was freezing cold.  Fever anyone?

So this morning started with a loading dose of ibuprophen followed by a hot shower.  I’m not sure I feel human but at least I’m dressed. 

The morning so far has gone something like this:

Wake up


Make coffee/get drugs


Pour coffee



Make breakfast


Clean up kitchen

Make bed


Take shower

Consider dying again

Get dressed


Curse germ gods again

Dig through medicine cabinet looking for anything that might be good

Consider chugging the tylenol with codeine cough syrup

Decide that would be bad during the day but note that it will be appropriate at bedtime

Now I need to leave to go to work.  God help anyone who actually wants me to be helpful today.


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