Well Crap

It’s 6:01 pm on Saturday May 21st and I’m still here.

It looks like the rapture is a no show.  Either that or I didn’t make the cut……which is also a completely reasonable explanation.   I mean they were only supposed to take 200 million people world wide.  What are the chances that I can be in the top 200 million best people in the world?

Probably not great.

So now I’m going to have to clean out the fridges that I totally didn’t do today in hopes that Jesus Christ would return and save me the trouble. 

And that back bedroom?  Yep, going to have to tackle that project.

Oh man……..now I have to do the laundry too.

This no rapture thing sucks.

Although it probably doesn’t suck as bad for me as it does for the people who sent that old man money and believed in his biblical ‘calculations’.

Hey, don’t feel bad Mr. Camping…..I’m not all that good at math either.  But you are super good at collecting money from your followers!

On to Sunday!

See.......I actually did clean it.

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