The Weekend In Appleville

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.  ~Oprah Winfrey

What a nice weekend we had!  We had a lot less to do than the last few weeks which was really nice.  I enjoy being busy but I also like having some down time as well.

Friday I made it home to see Edward for a bit before he had to go downtown to his part-time job.  He really wanted me to come downtown for the Art Walk or go out for dinner with a friend of ours but I was so tired that I could hardly even think straight.  So I waved him off, took off my clothes, got my pillow and blankie and curled up on the sofa. 


An hour of sleep and I was a whole new woman.  After that I went to get my eyebrows waxed (FINALLY!) and then to the grocery store for a few things.  It was a most pleasant evening. 

Saturday Edward had to work again (last day for over two weeks…..can we all say YAY!!!!).  I cleaned house and did laundry.  Before he left Edward gave me part of my Mother’s Day gift early so I got to go out in the afternoon and do some shopping.  🙂 🙂 🙂  I got a couple of pairs of shorts, a shirt, some shoes, sunglasses and a few other fun things.  Shopping is frustrating right now because I am squarely in between sizes……argh…..but I persevered.  Last weekend he also bought me a wonderful pair of dressy flip flops that are soooo comfy. 

Edward came home and we had a quiet evening watching some tv and going to bed for snuggles at a reasonable hour.

Little Edward had a baseball game at 8 am on Sunday morning that we had every intention of attending……however we didn’t wake up until 8 am.  I made coffee and Edward gave me a gorgeous necklace and earrings for Mother’s Day (♥ it!) .  Then we got dressed and he took me to breakfast at a new Mexican restaurant before going to the next two baseball games.  (This must be our week for trying out new restaurants.)

The wind and the heat was back in full force on Sunday so we backed up to the field and got out the umbrella for shade.  This was our first chance to see Edward in a coach pitch tournament. 

The first game we saw was against their arch enemies….The Longhorns.  This was by far the most  ‘hood’ game I have been to in my entire life!  At one point one of the Longhorn coaches got into it with the Sandcrab coaches and there was yelling and gang sign throwing.  Eventually police were called.   Then the parents started getting into it verbally as well.  It upset the kids a lot and again, I’m stunned that adults think it is appropriate to behave this way. 

But the Longhorns got theirs.  They lost and were eliminated from the tournament!  🙂 

The Championship game was far less intense than the semi-final match and The Sandcrabs won easily.  YAY!!  A great day of baseball.  Lilly and Emilio spent the games running between their Mom & Grandma and us.  I wish I had half the energy those kids have!

After the games finished we stopped by Rose Hill cemetary and then home for a little while.  Late in the afternoon we went to the movies to see ‘Something Borrowed”.  I was surprised at the number of people at the theatres……it was crazy busy.  Our theatre was totally filled.  It was a good movie and we enjoyed it. 

 We wrapped up the night at home with pizza and Celebrity Apprentice.  Oh and the kid from next door cutting the grass so I didn’t have to do it!!!  (Possibly the best part of Mother’s Day… 

 It was a good Mother’s day.  Every day I am grateful for my life and the love that is in it.  Waking up with Edward always makes my heart sing.  Whenever I get hugs from Lilly I smile.    Having Emilio run over to talk to me is such a joy.  Talking to Rachel makes me so proud to have such a great kid as a daughter. 

 I was up at 5:30 today for an invigorating morning walk/run.  The wind is back and the humidity is think but at least I got it finished.   I’m ready to take on the week.  Countdown is on to Memorial Day and our short Garner trip.  I can’t wait!!!!

Have a great week!

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