Terrific Tuesday!

“The air is like a butterfly
With frail blue wings.
The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings.”
–  Joyce Kilmer, Spring

I am not loving the weather that has come back this week.  Windy, humid and yucky…….I can’t think of a year when we have had quite so much humid wind.  I hate walking in the wind. 




But I walk anyway. 

I haven’t told any kitty stories recently so here is one:  MommaCat love to get into things.  This is a picture of her inside a bag Edward brought home.  Last night we caught her jumping up on the kitchen table (A giant no-no) and trying to get inside my purse.  Edward got the spray bottle and gave her a squirt but I wish he would have held off to see how far inside she could get……lol.   

I got a text message from Vanessa a few days ago asking if I would babysit the girls this Saturday from 5 to 8. One on one time with the girls all to myself?  Baby snuggles without any need to share?  Letting Lilly style my hair?  Listening to her yell “I LOVE YOU’ everytime I leave the room???? 

Yes please!  Sign me up! 

Then she said it was from 5 am until 8 pm! 

Moments pause.

Oh what the heck!   It’s only one day…..we can do it!  Plus Edward will be home to help with changing diapers and all that stuff.  <Snort>

I think I am going to be one tired Grandma by the end of that day.  Lilly is used to having 100% of my attention so it’s going to take a little juggling to keep everyone happy.  And I know she is going to want to go to the park or someplace else like we usually do.  But we can figure it out.  

Safe money is on Edward & Amy in bed early on Saturday night and sleeping late on Sunday! 

Note to self:  Buy new batteries for the camera 🙂

Nothing else too exciting to talk about this morning.  Have a great Tuesday!

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