A Great Monday In America

God Bless America

Land that I love

Stand beside her and guide her

Through the night with the light from above.

From the mountain to the city

to the ocean white with foam

God bless America my home sweet home!

 And what a lovely Monday morning it is!  I can’t think of when I have enjoyed listening to our President speak more than I did last night.

Friday evening we met friends for dinner, drinks and music at Executive Surf Club (yes again).  We had a really nice time.  While listening to music we made new friends with another couple who were visiting from San Antonio for the weekend.   They were great fun!

At one point Edward and our new friend Doc disappeared.  When he came back we had the following conversation, condensed for your enjoyment:

Me:  Where did you go?

Edward:  We went to the bar and did some shots.

Me:  But you don’t do shots.

Edward:  I know.  Stupid,  stupid, stupid.

Me:  How many shots are we talking?

Edward:  Lets see……To Derek, the Army, to the Navy, To the red, white & blue.  I think that’s it.

Me:  We should probably get you home before those kick in.

Edward:  Good idea.

The band was ending anyway so it was time to get going.  Lol…..we got safely home and the next morning Edward didn’t even remember going to bed but swore they were great sleepy medicine.  (Plus he promised me I could have as many kisses as I wanted, any time I wanted them FOREVER!!!!!!) 

 (No, really…..he did.  He may not remember it but he did) 


(((I did not make this up.)))

((((Cross my heart))))

So Saturday morning he woke up feeling mostly fine and completed the purchase of his (our) new toy.  A kayak!  Yeah!!!  He can fish while I watch the sunset and we can use it for exercise too.  He is really excited  and got a great deal on it.

Then he headed off to work.  I ran errands and cleaned up the house all day (oh joy!).  About 6:00 I picked up a pizza and braved the traffic downtown to get ready for the Buccaneer Day Illuminated Parade. 

I have never gone to this parade and apparently it’s a big deal for families to go and sit in the same places year after year.  People even start marking ‘their’ spots on the sidewalk weeks in advance.  Then the city allows over night camping after 5 pm on Friday night.  This really confuses me because I can’t think of anything less desirable than sitting on a city street all night but I guess there must be some appeal.  (Honestly, it isn’t the only thing that confuses me down here……lol)

Since Edward was working at the store he got to go into the parking lot right along the parade route and backed the truck in so we would have a great spot.  By that time there were lots of people already there waiting for the parade that didn’t start until 8 pm.

We had pizza and then Vanessa , David, Patsy and the girls joined us to watch the parade.  We put a blanket in the back of the truck and had a couple of chair so everyone had a good view.  I was even provided with a parade cocktail to help get me in the spirit of things!

I gave Guilianna a bottle just before the parade started and she fell sound sleep.  She slept through all of the music, the sirens, the clapping, the cheers.  Amazing what babies can sleep through!  But we made sure she was all illuminated too.

Lillyanna made ‘friends’ with this little boy on the other side of the fence who kept coming over and trying to do things to impress here.  Four year olds flirting are so adorable……lol.  But Lilly’s dad didn’t think so…….lol.  He kept shooing the boy away.  Edward teased him that the kid was lucky he didn’t end up in a dumpster somewhere.

Sidenote:  So those people who were sitting in front of us?  The ones who were there before 11 am waiting for the parade?  Yeah….they packed up their chairs and left when the parade was about half over.  Honestly, this makes no sense to me!  Why would you wait for hours for something that you were only going to watch half of?????????????  To beat the traffic?   Sheeeesh…..just stay home already.

Anyway, the parade finished and we headed out.  I was fortunate enough to be just ahead of the traffic, Edward got stuck a little but still made it home in good time.  And I got to see Lilly and Guili so that made any traffic hassles more than worthwhile.  🙂

Sunday morning was hot and W I N D Y again.  Just disgusting.  We invited friends over for dinner that evening so I spent the day getting the house ‘company ready’ again.  This wind blows dust and dirt everywhere.  Every single time a door opens there is dirt.  Yuck!  There was so much dirt in the air that the sunlight didn’t even look normal….it looked kind of smokey. 

Edward worked on the kayak and started getting things organized in the garage again while I got everything ready for company.

We had a nice dinner with Gardner & Becky (They brought me wine!) and finally heard the great news about the death of Osama Bin Laden.  While I generally find rejoicing in the death of someone distasteful in this case I am happy to make an exception.  What wonderful news to hear on a Sunday night!  I am concerned about any possible retaliation but for today I’m rejoicing that justice has finally been served. 

Rascal woke me up at 5:20 to go outside today and by the time I finally got him outside I was wide awake so I got dressed and headed out for my Monday walk.  We are supposed to get a cold front through around 8 am but it was still warm and muggy early this  morning.  I had a good sweat this today to say the least. 

At 7:15 I stepped outside and our cool front as arrived.  The humidity that I walked in is gone and it suddenly felt almost chilly.  Hopefully we will get a teeny bit of rain which we desperately need.

Have a great Monday!

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