Thanking God It’s Friday

Woohooooo Friday!   And a short work day Friday!  By 3:30 I will be happily crashed on the sofa at home preparing for a  late afternoon nap.  (Or on the phone with the stupid internet people yelling again………)  It is another gorgeous cool morning and is supposed to be a beautiful day.

Last evening was a long, long evening at our house.  Edward picked me up from work and we went to get Zachary.  Then we went to get him a hair cut and to our house to change clothes and pick up the camera and then headed to the bayfront to take a couple of pictures to try to get something good to put in his graduation annoucements.

It was a nice evening to try to take pictures…..although if there had been a bit less wind it would have been perfect.  I think we got a couple of nice pictures of him in his cap & gown and wearing his letterman jacket.  I’m saving the good pictures pending family approval……lol.

Dad helping Zach to gown up.

After we finished taking pictures we went to pick up his tux for prom which is being held Saturday night at the Omni.  Edward and I walked around the mall and did a little shopping at Sears while we waited for him to finish.  By that point I started trying out the mattresses but after laying down for a second I realized if I stayed there I would fall fast asleep.

Once he finished we dropped him off at home and ran into Vanessa and the girls.  Lilly immediately climbed into the truck and announced that she wanted to come home with me to play.  She climbed all over the place insisting that she should come home with us……lol.

We got to get Guilianna’s pierced ears in person.  She was wide awake and smiley the whole time.  Vanessa said she weighs over 10 lbs now!  Lol….my kids hit the 10 lb mark by the time they were 3 weeks old.

By this time it was after 9 pm and we hadn’t had dinner yet. Since for lunch I had a piece of string cheese and a 100 calorie pack of almonds I was past hungry and rapidly approaching cranky.   This was remedied by a quick stop at Whataburger.   I can’t remember the last time Whataburger tasted quite so good.  At long, long, long last we were home and I could relax a little bit (Definition of “relax”:  mess with the internet & bring the sheets in off the line and put them back on the bed) before bed.

I got up early this morning to walk only to discover that in all the rush last night I neglected to get out my walking clothes.  (Looks like I get to walk this afternoon which is fine because it will be pleasant all day)  So I watched a few minutes of the Royal Wedding (♥♥♥♥♥ Kate’s Dress♥♥♥♥) until Edward woke up to join me.  He was just so darn excited about the wedding………lol.   I think he was most interested in the flyover by the planes & jets.  

We don’t have any major events on tap for this weekend.  We are planning on going to the Buc Days parade tomorrow night and if the wind stays at a reasonable level are considering a beach day on Sunday. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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