Happy Good Friday Earth Day!



We live and die; Christ died and lived!  ~John Stott

Happy Good Friday to everyone!  We are beyond thrilled that its an off Friday……we slept in late this morning and it felt fantastic.  I will take a walk later along the bayfront if the wind doesn’t blow me away. 

Last night was the the ninth and final night of baseball in a row for the boys.  They are some pretty worn out kids and it showed in the quality of play last night.  They did eventually win handily and remain undefeated but it wasn’t the tidiest game we have seen.  Edward did have two homeruns though which earned him a cash bonus from Grandpa.

After the game they held an Easter egg hunt for all the Braves and it was funny to watch the kids run after the eggs.  Emilio was choosey about the eggs he wanted……he threw away the gold ones that held money and instead only picked up the ones that looked like baseballs.

After we left the field we stopped at Walmart to get the final items for the grandkids Easter baskets.  The bad thing about buying stuff as early as we did is that I had completely forgotten how much we bought…….those kids are going to get some full baskets on Sunday! 

We got this new picture of Guilianna yesterday…..isn’t she just adorable!  I’m excited to finally get to see her this weekend because it’s been a couple of weeks again.  I’m not fond of them living in Alice.

I think that’s about it for this morning…….it’s going to be a busy weekend for us.  We are meeting some friends tonight for drinks and having a late dinner with another couple tomorrow night.  Then Sunday is Easter!  Fun weekend!

I hope you have a great Easter!

And Happy Earth Day!!

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