When The Sun Goes Down

All day long just takin it easy
Layin in the hammock where it’s nice and breezy
Sleepin off the night before
Cause when the sun goes down, we’ll be back for more

This weekend flew by way too fast.  😦  The weather was simply fantastic and we were blessed enough to get to spend it outside at the lake.

Due to some circumstances beyond our control (Have I mentioned before that the trailer hates Edward?  We have decided it might be time to look for a new one and let this pop up go to a new home where it might be happier…..lol)  we weren’t able to go up to the lake on Friday night.  The was a bummer………but we did get to go and watch Little Edward and Emilio play tee ball.  I even wore my ‘Team Edward’ shirt.  We started at Emilio’s game and as always it was a lot of fun!

Emilio showing us he is game ready!

The funniest part of this game was when an ice cream truck drove down the street behind the field and one little player ran off his base to the back fence and squatted down looking for the ice cream truck…….lol. 

Throw the ball to ME!!!!!

After that we moved to the next game and watched Little Edward’s team destroy his former team the Yankees in short order.  Edward got his big bats going and hit two home runs!!  It was a great game and perfect weather to watch in!

What a babe!

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning, loaded the truck and drove up to Lake Corpus Christi……finally.  We had everything set up and were relaxing in chairs shortly after 9 am.  It was a perfect day!  Since this was most likely our last humidity free weekend until sometime in October we took full advantage of it.

We had friends driving up to join us for the day with their kayak and I was a little concerned in the morning that it might be too chilly to get in the water but once the sun got up the temperatures rose quickly.

Lake Corpus Christi

We went down to the water early in the afternoon and spent several hours enjoying the rays and trying out the kayak.  (Now we really, really want to get one!)  It was a lot of fun!  paddling was easier than I thought it would be and it was a good upper body workout.  The water was chilly but once you got used to it it felt great.  Especially after sitting in the hot sun.

I didn’t even get a sun burn……just got back some of the color that was starting to fade.  I was surprised that the campground was full and there were so many people at the lake.  Thanks to the smoke from the wildfires out west the sunset Saturday evening was lovely.

 After dark we watched a movie, had a couple cocktails and finally went to sleep.  Sleep with the windows on the trailer open.  It was chilly…….and wonderful!!

Sunday morning arrived too quickly but we were up in time to watch some of the sunrise. (Completely against my will btw)  The lake was so quiet.

Nothing better than a morning in the great outdoors!

We took our time over breakfast and then started to pack up while it was still cool out.  Easiest pack up that we have had in a long time! 

 It was a good weekend trip and now we have just a few more weeks until we go to Garner for Memorial Day weekend………..Fingers crossed that nothing comes up to throw a wrench in the works and the weather cooperates!  We are thinking about inviting Lilly to join us on that trip.  Time to get the menu together!

Very few wildflowers this year but we did see a few wine cups

Rascal, MommaCat and Spooky were very happy to see us once we got home.  Time to unload, clean up, do laundry and get ready to start the week. 

Little Edward left on Friday night after his games for another tournament in Spring Texas and they WON again.  They are a 6 and under team and are winning in 7 and under classes……the Sandcrabs are a good little team!

I already did my walk this morning in the dark and the humidity is back.  I have finally conceded that I am actually less exhausted at the end of the day when I walk in the morning than I am if I skip it.  Learned that lesson the hard way last week.   It’s going to be another busy week but we will have the memories of a nice weekend to sustain us.


Enjoy your Monday!

Outside of the birds the only animals we saw were some squirrels and a couple bunnies.....awwww!

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