I Don’t Have To Be Me Until Monday!

I don’t have to be me until Monday!  Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

Happy Friday!!

Last evening we went to watch Edward play tee ball.   The Angels only had six players and in an attempt to keep the game from becoming a blow out Edward told his team that they should hit as hard as they could but only run to one base at a time.  Everyone but Guido was ok with that plan……..lol.  The first time he was at bat he hit a hard ball and when he was stopped he turned and threw his hands up in exasperation and said ‘DUDE!” 

Then he complained to each base coach and anyone else who would listen……….lol.  Edward finally told him to go change his panties.  Little Edward had some good hits and several good catches.

Toward then end of the evening I was looking at the signs along the fence and suddenly realized what one said:  (Read carefully)

Hahahahahahaha!  We all laughed hysterically!!!  Totally made my night!

The Blue Angels are in Corpus Christi this weekend and they have started practicing.  It’s pretty cool to live so close to the Navy base when they are around.  Yesterday morning all of the sudden I heard a loud BOOM and I stepped outside in time to see a Blue Angel jet fly low over the house.  Exciting!  Rascal totally freaked out and ran inside to hide which is where I think he will be most of the weekend.

Edward and I are going out to watch them fly on Sunday and are excited about it.  On Saturday I will see (and hear) lots of the action from our backyard.

Have a fun weekend and enjoy the springtime!

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