Welcome to April

Now every field is clothed with grass, and every tree with leaves; now the woods put forth their blossoms, and the year assumes its gay attire.  ~Virgil


Welcome to April!  Cloudy and windy today with a cold front coming through this afternoon.  Tough walk this morning.  Since I didn’t blog on Friday I suppose I have a little bit of catching up to do.

Thursday evening started the games for tee ball for Edward (5 -6 year olds) and Emilio (3 -4 year olds).   They both play for the Braves in their divisions and are player #5.  Good planning on their parents part!  

 My favorite games are the 3 – 4 year olds.  In this age group everyone bats in an inning and there are no outs.  Most of the players have no idea what they are supposed to do.

Its wonderful.

Emilio played third base on opening night.  His idea of playing third base was to mess around in the dirt, stick his fingers in the ears of the other players and occasionally spin in circles.  On the good side he was one of the few players who knew where he was supposed to run once he hit the ball.  And he has some speed on him too!!!

After Emilio’s game we went to watch Edward.  His age group counts outs and keeps score.  It is amazing at how much they improve for the 3 -4 year olds.  Of course Edward also plays on a select team which is very good so this was a different kind of tee ball.  But there are lessons to be learned.  The Braves destroyed the Rangers and it looks like they will have a good year.

Friday morning didn’t start out wonderfully.  We lost Smokey (Not our cat) when he was hit by a car.  The idiots who really owned him denied that he was theirs so Edward and I took him to the beach and buried him.  I’m still sad about it.  But I will be forever grateful that he died instantly and didn’t suffer and that we were home and could take care of him.

After the fact we found out that not only we were feeding Smokey but some other people down the street and even our next door neighbor (Who had named him Grey Goose) had decided to take care of him.  Smokey had quite a gig going!!  Edward said maybe he was eating too much to run across the street fast enough.  Either that or Whitey, who had been feeling pretty left out shoved him and made it look like an accident. 

But at any rate Edward and I decided to spend Friday at the beach.  The first official beach day of 2011!!!!!   We went to Mustang Island so we had lots of privacy 😉 The seaweed was bad……very bad.  But the sun was out and it was a relaxing day.   It helped cheer me up a lot more than leaving me to stew would have done. (I’m pretty sure I would have spent it inventing painful ways to punish Smokey’s so-called owners–which I may or may not have done at the beach anyway)

There is something wonderful about laying in the sunshine and getting a good dose of vitamin D.  My tan is excellent for this early in the season and I added to it.  I’m still a little pink in some places but that  is the price I pay for a good base tan.   I did some walking in the surf and while the water was cold at first after a little bit it felt ok.  I didn’t have any desire to swim in it yet though!

Saturday morning after breakfast we ran to the bank and then to watch Emilio play tee ball again before Edward had to work at the store.  🙂  Another amusing game.  Emilio had a really good hit!  I took Edward to the store and then I did a long walk along the bayfront.  It’s my favorite walk and the longest one that I generally do…..5.6 miles.  It was a sunny muggy morning and I was pretty beat by the time I got back to the store.   It was H O T!  Thankfully Edward had my cold water all ready and waiting. 

Afterwards I headed home to clean up and take a glorious nap ( I ♥ Naps).  When I woke up I had both MommaCat and Spooky sacked out on top of me and boy are they heavy!!  Then I went back downtown to meet Edward for a late dinner at Executive Surf Club.  We had some good food, a couple of drinks and listened to Hilda Lamas perform.  She is very talented and it was a lovely evening for outdoor music!  I love getting together with friends but sometimes I enjoy an evening out with just my baby.

Sunday was a quiet day, overcast, breezy and kind of yucky.  Edward had to work again so I walked…even though I didn’t want too, (my walks are always difficult when I have had a few cocktails the night before) did laundry, got groceries and cooked dinner.  Nothing too exciting.

I did make a new recipe for a new way (new for me anyway)  to make chicken fajitas that we are planning to make in Garner.  So we wrapped up Sunday with chicken fajitas, beans and guacamole.  Yummy!!

So not a bad weekend.  Not a fantastic weekend.  Just a weekend in our life.  And even when it’s normal it’s still pretty wonderful.  As long as I can wake up with my baby beside me things are always great.

Have a great Monday!

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