Ain’t No Sunshine

Happy Hump Day!  Edward and I woke up to howling winds and about 2 seconds of rain at 2 am when a cold front came through.  So today is breezy and cloudy.  It’s a chilly one and I love it!!!!  Pretty sure that this will be the last cool blast of the season.  Temperatures will only be going up from here.

We found our first field of winecups last weekend.  They are another one of my favorite flowers and it is a huge field full of them.

This picture is called ‘Smokey says Oh Shit”……lol.  (And whoever *CoughEdCough* decided to name him Smokey when we already had a Spooky really underestimated how easily I confuse names)  I actually did get everyone in the kitchen together and eating dinner last night without bloodshed so I guess that’s progress.  However, the minute I stepped out of the room MommaCat went right back to showing him who’s the boss.

We don’t let him stay in the house at night which makes me feel awful at 10:30 when I toss him out the door but I can’t be refeerring a catfight in the middle of the night.  I’d really love to find a great home for him……he is a sweetheart…and I don’t know if our girls will ever calm down enough to let him live here.  Edward joked that Smokey came in as a free agent but is going to have to be cut. 

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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