Happy Monday To All

“Keep your faith in all beautiful things; in the sun when it is hidden, in the Spring when it is gone.”
–  Roy R. Gilson

Monday already?  Wow….did this weekend fly by!

It was a traditional spring weekend with muggy temps and mostly cloudy skies this weekend.  And wind.  Oh the wind.  Every time  I walk out the door my hair looks great.  By the time I get to where I am going it looks like I spent the day at the beach.  But this morning we have lower humidity and no wind…..it feels awesome outside!

Friday evening we met Mark & Kristina at Pelican Lounge to watch Cruise Control.  It was a outstanding evening filled with dancing, drinks and laughing.  And lots of good music. We always enjoy Cruise Control.

I love it when we can sleep in on the weekends.  We spent most of  Saturday running errands around town.  Haircut for my honey, a scavage hunt at Harbor Freight, getting the truck washed……….We even bought the first part of one Christmas gift!  This has to be the earliest gift purchase on record for us! 

Saturday evening Lillyanna & Vanessa joined me at the ballet to see ‘The Little Mermaid”.  Lillyanna is only 4 years old so I wasn’t sure how she would handle sitting for a couple of hours watching dancers but to my (and her mom’s) surprise she sat in rapt attention for the entire performance.  She really enjoyed it!  It was such a treat to have her sit on my lap and see the look on her face when curtain went up and the dancers appeared.

Of course during intermission she was goofing around on the chairs and managed to scrape her ankle…..and me without a bandade.  When I am going to learn that I need to pack a Grandma purse when we go someplace? (Items to be included…..bandades, wet wipes & gum)   To help her feel better I bought her a special mermaid purse as a treat.  Although Lilly said……”it’s not a treat.  A treat is food.  This is to hold quarters and dollars and stuff.”

I thought I had Edward talking into coming along until Saturday when he exercised his option to stay home and watch movies…..lol.  Thats ok…it was nice to get to spend some time with Lillyanna and Vanessa.  My guess is that he wouldn’t have enjoyed it much.

Lillyanna crashed hard on the drive back home afterward.  She had spent all day at the ballfield for opening ceremonies and was just worn out.  We got home and Smokey (not our cat) was snuggled with Edward on the sofa.  He isn’t old enough to know to run when Lilly comes and she loved on him.  She loved him all over the place.  And wanted ice cream of course.  She was so insistant that she wanted to spend the night that I promised her that we would find a day when she could stay with us.

Edward had to work Sunday afternoon so I did my usual long Sunday walk (4.6 miles) in the humidity.  I didn’t start until almost noon and while it was cloudy it was still oppressive. I am going to have to start walking earlier each day….including the weekends.  As much as that pains me.  I’m also considering adding a sweatband to my already hot sexy walking look (which includes not only a visor but a fannypack and usually really messy hair).  Yesterday I kept getting sweat in my eyes and it stings!

 I realized with a shock this last week that I actually am enjoying my walks.  I don’t when it happened but I’m very excited that it has.  I am an exercise convert. Oh and in the next day or two I will hit 250 or 25% done with my goal!  🙂

Then last evening Vanessa brought the girls over for a little while.  Guilianna is getting so big and picking her head up all over the place.  She is also a much neater eater than she was a few weeks ago.  Edward thinks so is looking a lot more like her dad these days and she has an adorable mohawk hairline.  All in all it was a great weekend.  We saw all the grandkids and most of the kids…….not much more you can ask for. 

Have a good Monday!

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One thought on “Happy Monday To All

  1. Kicky

    Awwww, you look so beautiful and happy.

    Ummm…. Not Your Cat doesn’t look that happy with Lilly though.

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