It’s Friday…Friday…Gotta Get Down On Friday

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.  ~Mark Twain


Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day with sunshine….Finally!  Sure it was windy but it was still pretty out.  Spring breakers managed to get decent weather for a beach day. 

 This morning we actually had some pretty good fog going.   I was considering taking today as a walking rest day (slept really poorly last night for some reason probably because it was muggy and damp)  but when I stepped outside it was almost cool so I thought I should take advantage of it.     I  like walking in fog.  So I got my sweat on!  The best part of actually doing my walk is that I don’t have to argue with myself the rest of the day about if I should walk this evening…… 🙂  I’ve already finished it!

Last evening Edward decided to cut the front yard and it was nice to not have to rush.  We even had to turn on the sprinkler for the first time this year.  Guess it is that time!

As we were finishing up we could hear the ice cream man coming.  He stopped for some people down the street…..drove by the house…..backed up……..drove by again……..then drove around the block and went by the house again.  Lol….I asked Edward if thought we should be insulted since he seemed insistant that we wanted ice cream.  And I guess he was right….when Edward sent me to pick up a movie he also asked me to get him some ice cream.

I tried out a new recipe for dinner last night modified from a Rachael Ray one.  I browned up boneless skineless chicken breasts in a little EVOO and seasoned them with salt & pepper.  After they were cooked I removed them from the pan and tossed in a chopped pear & braeburn apple along with a dash of squeeze butter and cooked them until they were tender/crisp.  Added a squirt of honey and a little lime juice and stirred until heated through.

I served it with smashed potatoes & brocolli. (Since it was St Patrick’s Day we had green potatoes! )   Wonderful light meal that Edward says has to go into regular rotation.  Mmmmmmmmm!

Have a great weekend everyone!  First day of spring on Sunday…..enjoy it!!!!

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