Start Of Spring Break

Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was wonderful.

Friday afternoon Edward and I drove up to Goose Island State Park for our first camping trip in quite a long time.  I will say that Friday didn’t bode well for our trip.  There were errands that had to be finished on Friday morning so both Edward and I were running crazy.  Then we got the truck ready and hooked up the trailer and the lights weren’t working……that held us up a little bit.

Finally we got to Goose Island only to find out that our reservations were not in the wooded area we wanted to stay in but instead right along the water…….ugh.  The so called ‘premium’ section……where there was no protection from the wind.  We were supposed to have a really windy weekend so we weren’t happy about this change but decided to plug on.  Then as we were setting up the trailer one of the cables that raises the roof broke….the same cable we had to replace just a year or so ago

First bluebonnets of the season!!


This day was getting worse by the second.  But Edward is a pro at fixing things so we went to town and got the items to jury rig the trailer and truged on.

One the bright side we actually had sunny skies and a pretty sunset!  Finally we made dinner, cleaned up, took showers and thought it best to put a period at the end of a not great day we went directly to bed.  Before 8:30 pm!!! It was kind of nice to lay in bed a listen to the waves crashing.

After a great night sleep…..a really long night sleep…..we woke up to pretty skies and much better moods. It was verrrrrry windy though.

 Mark & Kristina got to camp around 9 am for breakfast.  Then we took a drive to Refugio for the Texas Independence Wine Festival.  It was the first annual event so we weren’t expecting much but it was very nice.  We tried lots of different wines from around the area.  We even found out that there are two wineries right around Refugio.  On the drive up we saw lots of wild flowers….first bluebonnets of the season and many indian paint brushes.

We sampled a lot of different kinds of wine from peach, pear, blackberry to chardonnay, reislings and a mimosa.  I even found a chardonnay that I liked.  We bought a few bottles to bring home…one of which is a delicious blackberry wine.  We got a nice wine glow going! 

We went back to Rockport and had dinner at Pop’s, a great bar/cafe that Keith and Susan introduced us too.  They made good burgers and sell beer and set up’s which means I get to make my drinks as strong as I want!   Then it was back to camp to watch a movie and go to bed.    A really nice day all the way around.

I woke up early on Sunday morning because my allergies were going crazy and slipped out to watch the sunrise.  It was a really pretty morning and so quiet.   I got in a bit of a walk while everyone else slept in.  Eventually Edward got up and came looking for me….he said I cheated him out of his ‘snuggle quota’……lol.  At long last everyone got up and we had breakfast, packed up and headed home.

It was a nice weekend.  I am very surprised that we got as nice a weather as we had!  It was a miracle that we had no cloud cover the whole trip!

We returned home to three cats who were less than happy that we had left them unattended.  Everyone sulked and let us know exactly what they thought of us leaving them……lol.  But in short order they were relaxed and snuggled up against us.

It was good to get away but it was nice to get home too.  We got unpacked and cleaned up and took another nice long nap.  After Friday the rest of the weekend turned out to be very relaxing.

Oh I can’t believe I almost forgot!  Happy One Month Birthday to Guilianna!  My, my how the time is flying by!

Monday again already though………blah and booooo.  Have a great one!

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