What News To Wake Up To

“It’s hard for me to put into words why I like the beach so much. Everything about it is renewing for me, almost like therapy…Beach Therapy” —Amy Dykens

Edward and I were in bed a bit late this morning and didn’t turn on the tv right away……but once I flipped it on…..what horrible news to wake up to.  How truely awful.  West coast friends on FB are reporting listening to the tsunami sirens going off.  Another friend reports that her family who live on Kauai are all on high ground.   Prayers go out for everyone impacted by this event. 

I was surprised to find the best coverage was on the Weather Channel.

Since we had a bright sunny day yesterday Lilly and I decided to break out the beach bag, pack a picnic lunch and catch some rays.  Once Lilly heard that we could go to the beach she started asking every two minutes all morning if it was time to go yet.  I held her off until 11 am so it would be a bit warmer.

Finally I loaded up  the car and we headed out.  It was a beautiful day.  There were big waves crashing…….oh how I have missed laying on a chair in the sun!  It is the most wonderfully relaxing way to spend the afternoon.  We built sandcastles and splashed in the water.    Lilly made up games that required we run around the beach…..it was like we were on our own personal “Survivor” game.

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Lilly had a lot of fun and played until she wore herself out.  I, of course, got a lovely sunburn but it’s to be expected for the first sunning.  It is just slightly stingy hurt and should turn into a tan in a few days.

I am thankful everyday for the time I get to spend loving Lillyanna.  But my week of playing ‘Super Grandma” is over.  We did everything and I’ve had fun and enjoyed it but I’m also ready to get back to my normal routine.  I think Edward is ready for the house to be back in order.  Mommacat & Spooky are ready to get their peace & quiet back.  Rascal might miss Lilly’s hair though……lol.

Today we are going camping for the weekend……….and I can’t wait.  This evening will be just the two of us (ahhh, sweet sweet quiet)with friends joining us tomorrow.  🙂 Weather looks to be good as well……this morning is just lovely.  I don’t know what is blooming in the neighborhood but it smells wonderful outside.  Edward thinks it might be jasmine.  Whatever it is I want some in my yard too!

Oh, Lilly wanted to come camping with us so badly….she told her Grandma Patsy and her mom that we said she could come.  Edward told her that next time we would take her camping with us and we would go someplace where we could see deer.  Lilly said……”So we can eat them?”  Lol………no, I think we will just look at them silly girl.

I have lots to wrap up so we can head out.  We want to get to Goose Island as early as we can since it will be a full campground this weekend. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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